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Workplace Fire Evacuation Tips

Being prepared for a fire evacuation emergency is not something that should only concern you at home—you should also be prepared to evacuate while at work. To be ready for a fire evacuation and to stay safe remember the following:

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Fire Evacuation Preparation

Use the following to tips to prepare yourself for a potential fire evacuation:

fire evacuation• Familiarize yourself with your worksite’s emergency fire evacuation plan.
• Know the pathway to at least two exits from every room or area at work.
• Recognize the sound or signaling method of the fire and evacuation alarms.
• Know who to contact in an emergency and how to contact them.
• Know how many desks or cubicles are between your workstation and nearest exits so you can escape in the dark, if necessary.
• Know where the fire evacuation alarms are located and how to use them.
• Report any damaged or malfunctioning safety systems and backup systems.

Evacuating Safely

In order to evacuate the workplace safely, following the tips below:
• Leave the area quickly but orderly, following the worksite’s emergency evacuation plan.
• Go directly to the nearest fire- and smoke-free stairwell, recognizing that in some circumstances the only available exit route may contain smoke or fire.
• Listen carefully for instructions over the building’s public address system.
• Crawl low, under the smoke, to breathe cleaner air.
• Test doors for heat before opening them by placing the back of your hand against the door to avoid burning your palm and fingers.
• Do not open a hot door; find another exit route. If the door feels cool, brace yourself against it and open it slowly.
• Keep designated fire doors closed to slow the spread of smoke and fire.
• Do not use elevators when evacuating a burning building.
• Report to the meeting place designated in the emergency evacuation plan.
• Do not reenter the building unless directed by authorities.

What to Do if You are Trapped

In the case of a fire, following the strategies below can you help you stay safe:
• Stay calm and take steps to protect yourself.
• Go to a room with an outside window and call for help, if possible.
• Stay where rescuers can see you and wave a light-colored cloth to attract attention.
• Open windows if possible, but be ready to shut them if smoke rushes in.
• Stuff clothing, towels or papers around the cracks in doors to prevent smoke from entering the room

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Collaborative Work Space for Better Productivity

collaborative work spaceIn the world of corporate interiors, collaborative work space is becoming more and more popular. The idea of working anywhere within an office has become a reality. The collaborative space has proven to be a central hub in an office allowing employees to meet, work and socialize at any given time.

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Meeting around the water cooler is no longer the norm. This trend has effectively caused former office dwellers to engage more with their colleges. Recent studies have shown an uptick in productivity within corporations that have adopted this practice. Open space is effective, efficient and can help companies with their construction budgets when building new or expanding an office. A&D firms have been looking to manufacturers for ideas with space planning to help incorporate the look and feel for the 21st Century worker.

collaborative work spaces

hub tableCollaborative work space can be designed to fit within any type of office and in any location. Kitchen nooks, gaming spaces and lounge areas are just some examples of collaborative space. One of the most popular furniture products is the Hub table. The hub table is simple yet effective, allowing employees to open a lap top or have a quick group meeting. These tables can be powered and loaded with technology features depending on the requirement.

These products and many more are offered by Innovative Commercial Interior, a furniture dealer based in Central New Jersey and servicing the greater Delaware Valley Region. For more information on collaborative space and new products which enhance productivity and help make formerly unusable space effective please contact us at:

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Reasons to Consider a Commercial Energy Efficiency Project

commercial energy efficiency projectAs a commercial energy efficiency professional, the first question I am usually asked when discussing a proposed energy efficiency project is what’s the payback? This generally means the simple payback or how long will it take for the cumulative energy efficiency savings to equal the initial capital expense. This is the most widely used and easiest to understand method of evaluating a project.

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As someone with a real estate background, this evaluation method strikes me as a terrible metric that misleads the decision maker to make the wrong decision. It ignores the potential significant increase to your property value from implementing a commercial energy efficiency project. There is often an arbitrary minimum payback threshold that has to be met such as 2 years, 3 years or 5 years in order for an owner/manager to even consider moving forward with an energy efficiency project.

By looking at an energy efficiency project’s simple payback they are missing out on some terrific investment opportunities. If I told most real estate owners that I have an investment option that can return more than 3 times their money, they usually want to know more about it.

  • At a 10 cap, $1 of bottom line savings (increased NOI) is equal to $10 in value.
  • At a 7 cap, $1 of bottom line savings (increased NOI) is equal to $14.29 in value.
  • And at a 5 cap, $1 of bottom line savings (increased NOI) is equal to $20 in value.

If a $50,000 capital investment in a commercial energy efficiency project has a simple payback period of 5 years it will turn off a lot of owners. This would be a mistake because this project would generate $10,000 per year of savings on the electric bill. The $10,000 per year would be a bottom line savings so it would go straight to the NOI. Assuming a cap rate of 7% if you divide the increased NOI by the cap rate you get over $142,000 of value creation.

There are many ways to go about reducing your utility expenses. Energy procurement, energy monitoring and energy reduction are the three main categories.

Energy procurement is a great place to start. Deregulated markets provide a unique opportunity to save money on utilities. In many states, you no longer have to purchase your electricity generation or gas supply from your local utility company at a variable rate. This allows customers to choose who they purchase from and at what rate. It also helps with budgeting your energy spend by locking in the future rate (as approximate usage can be predicted from past consumption). Deregulation is a great advantage for the savvy manager to create significant value but it is important to obtain expert advice to properly shop rates, time the market and decide on commitment durations.

It matters where you begin and how you approach it but, no matter how you look at it, reducing your utility expense is simply a great investment.

Scott Friedman is the CEO of Greenavise, an energy management services company that specializes in helping business and real estate owners reduce their utility expenses. Greenavise takes a hands on customized approach with its clients. Call or email today for a free commercial energy efficiency project consultation. Scott can be reached at 301.562.2100 or sfriedman@greenavise.com

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Ryan Barikian to serve expanding roster of clients at regional commercial real estate firm

Ryan Image

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August 10, 2016 – Marlton, NJ – Wolf Commercial Real Estate (WCRE) is pleased to announce the hiring of Ryan Barikian, who will serve as Senior Associate.  Barikian brings eight years of sales and leadership experience in the commercial and residential title insurance industry to complement the skilled team at WCRE.

As Senior Associate, Ryan will work closely with the WCRE sales team to generate new business relationships with banks, developers, loan servicers, investors and other service professionals in the real estate industry.

A consummate business connector, Ryan has developed an extensive network of trusted relationships throughout the Southern New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia markets. He has an extensive understanding of the roles which attorneys, underwriters, accountants, and other service professionals play in commercial real estate transactions. His extensive knowledge of the title and settlement process gives him unique insights that will aid and inform clients.

“Each new member of our team strengthens our ability to meet specific needs and build even more successful relationships with our clients and community,” said Jason Wolf, founder and managing principal of WCRE. “Ryan brings a valuable background as a leader and real estate professional that will allow WCRE to serve clients in new ways.”

About WCRE

WCRE is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm specializing in office, retail, medical, industrial and investment properties in Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia region. We provide a complete range of real estate services to commercial property owners, companies, banks, commercial loan servicers, and investors seeking the highest quality of service, proven expertise, and a total commitment to client-focused relationships. Through our intensive focus on our clients’ business goals, our commitment to the community, and our highly personal approach to client service, WCRE is creating a new culture and a higher standard. We go well beyond helping with property transactions and serve as a strategic partner invested in your long term growth and success.

Learn more about WCRE online at www.wolfcre.com, on Twitter & Instagram @WCRE1, and on Facebook at Wolf Commercial Real Estate, LLC. Visit our blog pages at ww.southjerseyofficespace.com, www.southjerseyindustrialspace.com, www.southjerseymedicalspace.com, www.southjerseyretailspace.com, www.phillyofficespace.com, www.phillyindustrialspace.com , www.phillymedicalspace.com and www.phillyretailspace.com.

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CRE Price Growth Rebounds as Rate of Increase Slows

new Jason stats graphic - June 2015Investor confidence in the U.S. commercial real estate market – including Philly office space, Philly retail space and Philly industrial space – ended the first half of 2016 on a stronger note following a tepid first quarter with the CoStar Commercial Repeat-Sale Indices (CCRSI) reflecting the broad-based gains in commercial real estate prices and investment activity across regions and property types.

The value-weighed U.S. Composite Index, which largely reflects sales of high-quality, higher priced assets, such as those found in the U.S. and Philadelphia commercial real estate market, rose by 3.3% in the second quarter, while the equal-weighted U.S. Composite Index, which reflects the larger number of sales involving smaller properties, rose 2.1%. That compares with just 0.4% and 0.1% growth by the two indices, respectively, in the first quarter.

This report on national and Philadelphia commercial properties was made through Philadelphia commercial real estate broker Wolf Commercial Real Estate, a Philadelphia commercial real estate brokerage firm.

While price growth for U.S. and Philadelphia commercial real estate properties resumed, the annualized rate of increase dropped into the single digits for the price indices during June, 9% for the value-weighted index and 6.8% for the equal-weighted index. The decline suggests that price growth may continue to plateau in 2016 as the current cycle enters its later stages.

As expected, investment sales volume declined from last year’s blistering pace. Total volume of property sales among national and Philadelphia commercial real estate listings was $57.7 billion in the first half of 2016, down 5.4% from the same period a year earlier. The U.S. property markets, however, received a boost from favorable market conditions in the U.S. and deteriorating geo-political conditions abroad such as Britain’s Brexit vote to withdraw from the European Community.

The CCRSI’s office, industrial and retail price indices in the U.S. commercial real estate market – including Philly office space, Philly retail space and Philly industrial space – increased by a uniform but steady 1.9% in the second quarter, followed closely by the U.S. Multifamily Index, which increased by 1.8%. The Hospitality Index, which logged the largest peak-to-trough decline during the Great Recession, posted the strongest growth among property types during the second quarter, advancing by 4.5% to reach within 1% of its prior peak level.

The Prime Market Index, comprised of the large core coastal metros within each major property type, have generally increased more rapidly than the overall indices for the individual property types that comprise the majority of U.S. and Philadelphia commercial real estate listings.

For more information about Philly office space, Philly retail space and Philly industrial space or other Philadelphia commercial properties, please call 215-799-6900 to speak with Jason Wolf (jason.wolf@wolfcre.com) Leor Hemo (leor.hemo@wolfcre.com) or Lee Fein (lee.fein@wolfcre.com) at Wolf Commercial Real Estate, a leading Philadelphia commercial real estate broker that specializes in Philly office space, Philly retail space and Philly industrial space.

Wolf Commercial Real Estate is a Philadelphia commercial real estate brokerage firm that provides a full range of Philadelphia commercial real estate listings and services, marketing commercial offices, medical properties, industrial properties, land properties, retail buildings and other Philadelphia commercial properties for buyers, tenants, investors and sellers.

Wolf Commercial Real Estate, a Philadelphia commercial real estate broker with expertise in Philadelphia commercial real estate listings, provides unparalleled expertise in matching companies and individuals seeking new Philly office space, Philly retail space or Philly industrial space with the Philadelphia commercial properties that best meets their needs.

As experts in Philadelphia commercial real estate listings and services, the team at our Philadelphia commercial real estate brokerage firm provides ongoing detailed information about Philadelphia commercial properties to our clients and prospects to help them achieve their real estate goals.  If you are looking for Philly office space, Philly retail space or Philly industrial space for sale or lease, Wolf Commercial Real Estate is the Philadelphia commercial real estate broker you need — a strategic partner who is fully invested in your long-term growth and success.

Please visit our websites for a full listing of South Jersey and Philadelphia commercial properties for lease or sale through our Philadelphia commercial real estate brokerage firm.



Today’s article talks about how important it is to have your businesses’ parking lot properly seal coated. You want your business to make a good first impression, and that starts in the parking lot with an asphalt seal coat.

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By: Dave Sulkin VP of Sales and Marketing, American Asphalt Company

What a Seal Coat Can Do For You

Seal Coat

52% of consumers have avoided a business altogether
because it looked dirty from the outside.

Seal Coat

95% say that exterior appearance is important in
their selection of a place to shop.

Prevent oxidation…

Seal Coat

By blocking the sun and ultraviolet rays from
damaging the surface causing cracks and


Seal Coat

The number one destroying force to asphalt
pavement is WATER.

Protect against spills…


Protect against gasoline oil spills from automobiles that damage and soften the surface.

Protect Your Investment…


Properly applied, seal coat can save an owner huge costs over the life of a hot mix asphalt pavement.

For more information, contact:
dave-sulkinDave Sulkin VP of Sales and Marketing
American Asphalt Company, Inc.
100 Main Street
West Collingswood Heights, NJ 08059
Phone: (856) 456-2899
Fax: (856) 456-4398