Regional Commercial Real Estate Trends

Expect Commercial Real Estate Prices to Remain Depressed for the Foreseeable Future

Don’t Count on Commercial Real Estate Prices Bottoming Out Any Time Soon

Since the Federal Reserve began raising its benchmark interest rate in March 2022, the U.S. commercial real estate market has seen declining sales. A wait-and-see approach permeates today’s market as […]

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Assessing Philadelphia’s Office Market Against Other Major US Cities

Assessing Philadelphia's Office Market Against Other Major US Cities

Amidst a national trend of companies downsizing office spaces over three years, the Philadelphia metropolitan area stands out for its resilience compared to several other major U.S. office markets. Although […]

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Retailers Continue Favoring Small Store Sizes

Retailers Keep Favoring Smaller Store Sizes

The retail landscape continues its profound, enduring transformation in response to evolving consumer behavior. This shift encompasses not only the evolving roster of tenants leasing retail space but also the […]

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Factors Fueling the Resurgence of Downtowns in the US

Factors Fueling the Resurgence of Downtowns in the United States

After facing challenges in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, downtowns throughout the United States are now showing signs of a positive turnaround. Despite a slow return of workers and […]

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The percentage of individuals working from home has decreased to its lowest point since the pandemic

The percentage of individuals working from home has decreased to its lowest point since the pandemic, standing at 26%, as employers prioritize a return to the traditional office setting.

Less than 26% of U.S. households currently have individuals working remotely for at least one day a week, marking a substantial decline from the peak of 37% in early 2021, […]

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Southern New Jersey & Philly Markets Take a Hit, as the Broader Economy Endures Economic Growth Remains Robust, but Rising Interest Rates Weigh Down Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate […]

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Here is Where the Distressed CRE Loans are Piling Up the Fastest

Where distressed commercial real estate loans are piling up the fastest

The rate of loans backing office properties that are considered distressed or delinquent is on the rise as landlords of outdated office towers struggle to refill vacant spaces and cash […]

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Nation’s Strongest and Weakest Apartment Rent Growth

Apartment Rental Rates Across US

For the first time in more than 20 years, Chicago’s apartment rent growth is the highest among its major market peers over the course of three consecutive quarters. Apartment rents […]

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Several Categories Post Growth in Manufacturing Output As Supply Chain Disruptions Ease

US Industrial Production Rebounds

U.S. industrial production increased by 1% in July from a month earlier after two consecutive quarters of decline as more manufacturing categories rebound from pandemic-sparked supply chain disruptions. While overall […]

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Macy’s Plans Four New Small-Format Stores for Fall

Macy’s To Roll Out Small-Format US Stores in Northeast

Macy’s unveiled the locations of its next four new small-format stores, expanding the rollout this fall to the U.S. Northeast and West as the chain looks to optimize its national […]

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62 Bed Bath & Beyond leases will help retailer with new store goals

Burlington CEO says 62 Bed Bath & Beyond leases will help retailer with new store goals

Burlington is also in the midst of rolling out its smaller store prototype, which the South Jersey retail expects to boost sales productivity and operating margins. *Article courtesy of Philadelphia […]

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Aldi Plans to Acquire Winn Dixie and Expanding South

Aldi is getting bigger. Here's why the no-frills German grocer is looking to the Southern U.S. for growth

No-frills discounter Aldi is the latest grocer to shake up the industry with big moves. The German retailer announced this week that it plans to acquire about 400 Winn-Dixie and […]

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