The WCRE Team Marks our Twelve-Year Anniversary

This week, the WCRE team marks our twelve-year anniversary. Our success is the result of the trust and support we receive from our clients, colleagues, and our community. As we reflect on the past year, 2023 stands out as a period of refocusing our growth and cultivating new opportunities for our team at WCRE. We’ve navigated market shifts, honed on our key fundamentals, and achieved remarkable successes that continue to shape our journey. For us, we are now entering WCRE version 12.0, and we will continue to grow and improve our overall WCRE operating system.

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The WCRE Team Marks our Twelve-Year Anniversary

This year our team members worked together collaborating on new opportunities, enhanced our internal operations, and supported each other’s growth in a landscape marked by fluctuations and challenges.

We are all beyond proud of our team showing their resiliency and perseverance during these unprecedented times. Through it all, we’ve had many wins along the way!

Our team’s positivity has been infectious. We continued to network in our communities, fostered new relationships, and approached transactions from innovative perspectives, all contributing to our strides in the market.

During our 11th year, our team has also expanded, welcoming key additions to bolster our presence in various markets.

Joe Fox has joined our PA team to help us drive deeper into the Philadelphia market. John Mazurie joined our team to expand our South Jersey and Atlantic County reach. Eric Grad joined WCRE to spearhead our new ventures in the New York Metro area, and Corey Hassman recently joined to focus on retail and flex space opportunities in the Philadelphia and South Jersey region.
Beyond the brokerage and advisory team, our WCRE Property Management team has also seen tremendous organic growth.

Grace Vera joined as Property Manager and was shortly promoted to Director of Property Management. John Henderson joined the team as our in-house Property Accountant and James Smith joined the property management team as our full-time Property Maintenance Technician to oversee our assets under management. Our property management team has now grown to 5 full-time professionals overseeing close to 1.7M square feet.

The addition of these new faces has enriched the WCRE team with fresh perspectives, expertise, quality, energy, and unique skills.

Commitment Commitment

This past June, we were thrilled to host our 6th Annual WCRE Charity Golf Tournament. Through the Golf Outing, The WCRE Foundation successfully raised approximately $86,000 which was distributed equally to 6 charitable causes within the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region.

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This past Thanksgiving, we wrapped up our 10th annual WCRE Thanksgiving Food Drive by delivering over 250 bags of food and $3,700 in supermarket gift cards and donations to the Samost Jewish Family and Children’s Service food pantry.

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In 2016, WCRE established The WCRE Foundation to oversee our community fundraising efforts. To date, it has raised approximately $680,000. Currently, WCRE and The WCRE Foundation support Bancroft, I AM ALS, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey, Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice and the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.

CORFAC International

This past September, Erin Warwick and Jason Wolf traveled to the annual CORFAC International Summit in Detroit. There the team was able to collaborate, learn and grow with many of our partner offices from around the world. Later this month, several of our team members will be traveling to Dallas for the Spring CORFAC Conference with hopes of continuing to build successful relationships.

As a member of CORFAC International, WCRE can execute transactions across the globe through many CORFAC affiliates in each of the seven continents. Whether a transaction is taking place in California or Australia, WCRE can have brokers on the ground working to provide the best service possible for their clients.
CORFAC International is a commercial real estate network comprised of privately held entrepreneurial firms around the world. CORFAC is distinguished by the way it manages multi-market commercial real estate assignments on behalf of corporations and private companies. All multi-market assignments are directly co-managed by the client relationship broker and the collaborating broker without gatekeepers or corporate influence. To learn more about CORFAC International, visit:
As we mark twelve years in business, we are currently entrusted with over 200 properties for sale and lease, comprising approximately 5 million square feet of office, retail, medical, industrial space, and investment properties in South Jersey and the Philadelphia region.

Our core business grew this year, we continued to expand our Pennsylvania operations and now have feet on the ground developing opportunities in New York, and implemented new media to support our pioneering digital marketing strategies as we meet the evolving needs of the commercial real estate business.

“As we now enter WCRE 12.0, I can say with great pride that our team is the best version of WCRE I could have imagined. We have changed, we have grown, we have launched new apps, had viruses, updates, fixes and improvements,” said Jason Wolf, Managing Principal for WCRE.

The current operating system at WCRE is vastly different today as compared to that of February 2012. Our goal always has been and will continue to being the best regional community committed firm focused on “Building Successful Relationships”.

As we enter 12.0, we are smarter, more strategic, connected, playing hard, working hard, and operating at a very high level of quality within our culture and community.
We are excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead in our 12th year