Working With a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Working With a Commercial Real Estate BrokerDo you want to rent a commercial property for your business? If so, you need to make an important decision. It’s time to hire a commercial real estate broker to help you locate an ideal spot for your company. Here’s a deep dive into how to work alongside your broker successfully.

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What Does a Commercial Real Estate Broker Do?

There are a few similarities between commercial and residential real estate brokers. If you’ve ever purchased a house with a broker, you know they guide buyers through the process from start to finish. These professionals are licensed by the state to perform various tasks, including finding properties and negotiating sales.

That’s the same for every broker, no matter what they sell. However, you should know that commercial brokers tend to work with multiple parties since more people are involved in these sales. It’s also standard for commercial brokers to know their clients’ financial situation so they can prioritize their bottom line.

Essentially, you hire a commercial broker to find a property that aligns with your company’s needs, wants, and goals.

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Real Estate BrokerIt’s smart to hire a broker for many reasons. If you’ve never rented a space for your business before, you might not know how to navigate the process alone. That’s a thought many people have before they rent a property. Let’s take a look at how a broker will help.

1. Negotiate Terms
Are you a natural negotiator? If not, you’re certainly not alone. Many savvy business owners don’t feel like they can negotiate successfully. These professionals will consider your finances as they review rent prices and other fees. Additionally, they might negotiate points like parking, utilities, and more. That’s all to arrive at a better agreement between you and the landlord.

2. Evaluate Leases
You need to fully understand lease agreements before you sign one. This space will be under your business’s name. If you need someone to help you evaluate leases, your broker can assist. That’s a bonus when you might look at two or three agreements in one week.

3. Market Knowledge
If you’ve rented commercial space before, you know you have to look far and wide to find properties that are both quality and affordable. Brokers can access listings that might not be available publicly. It’s essential to consider more than one rental so you can get the best deal. As a result, you can benefit from their market knowledge. These are only a few reasons why brokers can be helpful when you want to find commercial rental properties.

What to Remember When You Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

These professionals have various advantages that make them worth every penny. However, you might be curious about how to “use” your broker effectively. After all, you don’t want to pay someone who doesn’t meet your expectations.

Take a look at what you can do to work with your broker correctly.

1. Make a Checklist
Do your best not to expect your broker to read your mind. This individual won’t know your needs, wants, and goals unless you communicate with them. If your company requires a commercial garage door, for example, you need to jot down that point, as well as any special features that you need from it. These details will allow your broker to find the best location for you as quickly as possible.

Set a meeting with your team to determine what your rental space needs to look like. Consider everything from bathrooms to storage to location. Be sure to outline your budget, and don’t forget outdoor space, too.

Do you need a highly visible spot for advertising? Take every point into consideration.

2. Conduct Enough Research
It’s smart to choose a broker who specializes in your industry. If you own a coffee shop, you don’t want to work with someone who’s only rented office buildings. That’s where research comes in handy. Do your best to find an individual broker or entire brokerage for your specific situation.

How do you know whether a broker will be a good fit? Ask them to discuss their recent transactions. If you see they’ve had success with companies similar to yours, you’ve probably found someone who can help. It’s always important to ask for referrals, too. Call any references to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind you might have to interview several brokers before you find a connection with one. It’s essential to plan ahead so you have enough time. Otherwise, you’ll likely feel rushed and overwhelmed.

3. Don’t Sit Back
There are times when your broker will need to “take the wheel,” such as when you want to negotiate lease terms. This point doesn’t mean you should check out entirely. It’s still important for you and your partners to be involved. If you don’t know what happens throughout the process, you’ll inevitably run into obstacles later. Nominate someone from your company to visit rental properties and attend related meetings when you don’t have time.

4. Always Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and offer comments. It’s your business’s space, so you need to have the final say. If you’re curious about something during the search, you should be vocal. It’s key to trust your broker, but you don’t want to let things slide that might affect your prospects.

5. Look at All Options
However, you also need to consider every broker you come across. Don’t limit yourself to whichever broker you find first. If your friend recommends a specific professional, you should certainly speak with them — but you don’t want to pick them just because you got a recommendation.

Be sure to look at multiple brokers in your area. There’s a chance you’ll find someone along the way who meshes with your company better than anyone you interviewed beforehand. It’s always smart to cast a wide net. These tips will help you build a strong relationship with your broker so you can find an ideal commercial rental space.

Use These Tricks to Build a Relationship With Your Commercial Real Estate Broker

It’s not always an easy process to find a commercial property for your business. Fortunately, you can hire a real estate broker to help. Be sure to use these tips to form a successful relationship with whoever you choose. This way, you can find the best possible space.

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