How to Increase Productivity

How to Increase ProductivityLet’s look at how to increase productivity at work. So many tasks, so little time. Do you ever complete your  workday feeling like you couldn’t achieve everything you wanted to? It begins with preparation. I get it. Being 100% efficient at work can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Setting proper timelines will allow you to increase your own profitability and ease workday stress.

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Take a stab at these tips to increase your productivity at work:

How to Increase Productivity #1. PUT A VALUE ON YOUR TIME

I often ask our sales reps, what is your time worth? If you are able to give yourself an hourly rate, it will help you use your time more efficiently. Giving yourself value allows you evaluate whether what you are doing is actually making you money or costing you money. It will also help you notice when customers or colleagues may be taking advantage of your time. Create a total value of yourself, including your salary, free time, benefits, your TOTAL value. (Hint; this should be more than you earn), then back that number into an hourly rate. While working throughout the day ask yourself if you are earning that rate.

How to Increase Productivity #2. TAKE BREAKS

We may think working longer hours implies we’re accomplishing more, yet we never function well when we’re worn out. Studies indicate taking standard breaks helps focus and lifts your inclination. Take a five-minute stroll around the workplace or go through a 15-minute mid-day espresso or stretch.

How to Increase Productivity #3. SET SMALL TASKS

Some of the time, looking at our objectives can be overpowering. Seeing a bunch of enormous undertakings on our schedule can be distressing… however if you split it up into littler tasks, you’ll feel more in charge and will be considerably more helpful. Instead when you complete a project, write down the words COMPLETE or cross off your task within your check list. That feeling of completion will allow you to further feel that euphoria of completing your projects.

This will keep you on track in your everyday and influence the greater tasks to appear to be less overwhelming.

How to Increase Productivity #4. DO WHAT MATTERS MOST IN YOUR DAY

We at times push aside enormous tasks since we’re not sure we are able to achieve them. When we get these tasks, we’re excessively worn out and may push these tasks day after day after day. You need to understand yourself and how you operate best. Understanding when and how you function best is critical to completing those enormous ventures on time. There’s no set timetable that works for everybody… If you’re a morning person, handle the enormous assignments first thing in your day.

How to Increase Productivity #5. TIME YOURSELF

Optimize your time as much as possible at work by timing yourself on all tasks. Similar tasks should take similar time to complete, be mindful of whether you are quicker or slower for each task. This doesn’t mean you’ll have the capacity to finish each assignment within the same time. However, by setting a standard and holding yourself accountable, you are one step closer to achieving them.