7 Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips for Commercial Properties

Is your commercial HVAC system winter ready? Whether your system needs an upgrade or a tune-up, Hutchinson Mechanical Services is the region’s “go-to” provider of commercial HVAC services for commercial properties. Check out these HVAC tips to help add life to your system, enhance comfort and improve your bottom line.

By Ed Hutchinson, President Hutchinson Mechanical Services

1. Use Energy Star Portfolio Manager
Use Energy Star Portfolio Manager to see how your building rates with other similar buildings. If you rate low, there are many things you can do to improve the operation of your building.

2. Check HVAC settings to get maximum efficiency.
Set your thermostat at 68°during the day and at 60° at night. You can save approximately 3% on heating costs for every degree under 70.

3. Conduct daytime/nighttime audits.
Check to see if the lights are on. Is the building comfortable?

4. Install a programmable thermostat.
A web and cloud based control system offers peace of mind by keeping settings maintained during and after office hours.

5. Establish a preventive maintenance program.
• Change or clean all air filters, preferably every month.
• Repair leaks in piping, air ducts, coils, fittings and at the unit(s).
• Replace defective equipment insulation, ducting and piping.
• Install/upgrade HVAC controls to include new energy management systems technologies.

6. Clean Heating Ducts
Heating ducts should be cleaned periodically to allow efficient heating and provide fresh, clean air. Also check to make sure the ducts are properly insulated.

7. Take Advantage of Energy Efficient Programs
Hutchinson has once again been named a designated contractor of Direct Install, a program offered by New Jersey Office of Clean Energy that pays up to 70% of energy upgrades, including lighting and HVAC equipment. Instead of pumping money into your outdated, inefficient units, why not upgrade to a new,
state-of the-art energy-efficient system?

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