Four Ideas for Creating Strategic Workplace Design

The goal of strategic workplace design is to create physical work environments that yield maximum results. Have you ever looked around your workspace and thought about whether it supports the organizational outcomes that you want to achieve?

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strategic workplace designBefore considering how to maximize your workspace, it is important to keep in mind that in your space, every area should have a purpose. Just take a quick look at your employees as they work. What spaces get used most often? What areas are used the least? How can this space be better used? By strategically planning how each square foot of space will be used, not only will you create an environment that maximizes square footage while minimizing costs, but is in line with your organization’s goals. The way you create your space must fit the needs of your employees so that they have what they need to work best. By doing that your employees will continue to grow your business through productivity, creativity and innovative thinking. Further, your company will see a number of added benefits.

MAXIMIZING THE WORKSPACE PER SQUARE FOOTAGE through strategic workplace design

Designing your workspace to be flexible and adaptable leaves room for your business to change and grow as needed. As employee seating trends continue towards hoteling, benching and hot desking, the amount of square footage needed per employee continues to drop. This allows for other uses for the space that
your company needs like quiet areas, collaborative spaces or meeting rooms. Further, adaptable space maximizes spatial efficiency, which in keeps costs down and protects your bottom line.

ATTRACTING TOP TALENT through strategic workplace design

Strategis workplace design is a powerful resource in the recruitment and retention of top talent in your industry. Because the new workforce wants to feel connected and engaged in the work that they do, it is important to design a workspace that will appeal to the features that they want in a company. Throughout your space, your brand and culture should be well represented so that they will feel the meaning of the work that they are doing. Another important factor in the recruitment and retention of top talent is creating flexibility in their space.

OFFERING EMPLOYEE CHOICE through strategic workplace design

Employees want a variety of areas to think, create, collaborate and be productive. Allow them choice by including open and enclosed spaces, comfortable lounge areas, and quiet rooms where they can choose what works best for them. Experts agree that when companies give employees choice, they had increased growth rates and one-third the turnover rates of organizations with traditional floor plans.


workspace designWhile technology has streamlined business processes, it has also made us more sedentary. By designing workspace that incorporates necessary movement into the course of the day, it will create a work environment that supports the health and wellness of your employees. A healthy work environment will spark creativity, energy and motivation, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency for your business.

There isn’t a one-size fits all solution when it comes to strategic workplace design. But with the right team of design professionals helping you through the process, you can create a floor plan that best supports the needs of your business. Not only will your workplace produce outcomes like collaboration, innovation and productivity, but its strategic workplace design will be a primary factor in reaching your corporate goals.

Bellia President, Anthony Bellia understands and values the importance of helping clients succeed by providing a seamless experience when furnishing commercial interiors. Bellia Workspace Solutions is a family owned and run business with over 40 years of experience and service to the community. Their clients’ visions and goals are the motivation for probing into the culture, style and nature within workspaces. It is his mission to help companies within the Tri-state area be more magnetic to remain strong and continue to grow by attracting top talent, building spaces that provide flexibility in the future, and creating branded environments that support the company message.

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