Changes in Lease Accounting Standards for 2017

lease accounting standardsLease accounting standards previously allowed for “off balance sheet transactions,” which provided companies an ability to hide debt, expenses, and net losses.

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Whether classified as operating or capital leases, all leases must now be recorded “on balance sheet.”

DID YOU KNOW: Last year the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued an improvement to lease accounting which requires companies to recognize and measure leases on the balance sheet. Another, in a long line of changes in lease accounting standards for 2017 aimed to provide increased financial statement transparency.

DID YOU KNOW: The best time to prepare for and implement these changes is in 2017 considering beginning of year classification requirements around the January 1, 2019 adoption date.

DID YOU KNOW: Implementation costs will be significant. Implementation of this standard likely requires the purchase of lease accounting software and the time of employees to effect the accounting change in the books and records of all companies.

CFGI has Big 4 experts to help corporate finance teams implement the new standard and CFGI has aligned with efficient lease accounting software companies.

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