Are You Facing an Office Relocation Project?

Office Relocation ProjectThe daunting task of managing your office relocation project can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive. There are many questions you’ll ask yourself when moving your company to a new office space. Here are a few keys areas you’ll want to consider before you begin:

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Are you moving across town? Are you reducing your footprint because your employees are now working from home? Or are you working with an architect on developing customized space?


How far in advance should I plan for my company’s move and how much should I budget? Who should I appoint as the leader for my relocation project? This individual will work with a relocation expert throughout the project and communicate updates to employees, schedule regular meetings, and ensure timelines and budgets are being met.


When should I decide what’s moving and what’s not? What is the most efficient and cost effective method for removing my company’s old furniture? Can I donate it to charity? When should I purchase new furniture and plan out my company’s new space?


How do I plan my company’s data center and I.T. relocation?


How can I minimize downtime and reduce anxiety for my employees? How can each employee prepare for packing his office/workstation?

Every company is different therefore every move is very different. Taking the following steps will help ensure a successful relocation and transition into your new space:

9-12 Months before Moving:

• Partner with an office relocation project and logistics project management company for a single-source operation. Obtain the necessary bids and establish your preliminary budget.
• Conduct a pre-move assessment, and decide what’s moving and what’s not.
• Work with your office relocation project management company to identify preliminary timelines, phases, and schedules. This will also minimize downtime and disruption to employees, and reduce expenses long term.
• Finalize your space plan.

6-9 Months before Moving:

• Review your furniture needs. Decide whether you require disposal of existing furniture or the purchase and layout of new furniture.
• Make decisions on existing phone system, security requirements, cabling, and I.T. data infrastructure. Order new services if needed.

3-6 Months before Moving:

• Acquire floor plans for both new and existing facilities.
• Determine move requirements, packing needs, and specialty equipment to be moved.
• Finalize on-site record of existing furniture and equipment, recycled items, and items to be disposed.

8-12 weeks before Moving:

• Update move schedule and communicate internally as needed.
• Verify your Certificates of Insurance are up-to-date, and re-check your insurance.
• Schedule a commercial cleaning service for both old and new spaces.
• Order new stationary and forms with your new address and phone numbers, and update your website.

2-8 weeks before Moving:

• Monitor and finalize move schedule.
• Notify vendors and clients of your move.
• Begin packing and purging.
• Create a move ‘map’ plan for new space.
• Obtain moving crates, cartons, etc.
• Confirm Certificate of Occupancy.

1-2 weeks before Moving:

• Ensure coordination of schedules is in agreement, and communicate expectations to employees.
• Back up computers!!!
• Pack desks, office contents and label.

Moving Day:

• Arrange staff to assist at both old and new spaces.
• Arrange furniture according to plans.
• Install/reconnect computers and equipment.
• Hang artwork in new space.
• Leave old space in ‘broom swept’ condition.

Once you’ve completed your move and have settled in to your new space, there are post move activities that still need to be done. You’ll want to schedule a ‘post move’ walk through at both facilities, collect old keys and key cards, update service agreements, etc. Remember, it’s all in the details! Having a detailed plan results in a more efficient and cost effective office relocation project, which is good for your company and your employees! But it’s most important for your bottom line.

About Argosy Management Group, LLC:

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