The Emergence of Generation Z in the Workplace

Generation ZThe rise of Generation Z, the typical workplace is bound to undergo a drastic evolution. According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z amounts to about 35% of the workforce, which means that this group is possibly the largest group present in the US workforce.

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Although this generation of upcoming, respectable members of society have gotten their share of unfavorable criticisms for being ill-equipped, entitled and excessively dependent on their parents, research conducted by ManpowerGroup has shown that they make exceptional employees, as they seem to work harder than the other generations of people. In addition, their unique upbringing and characteristics mean the way they work will be different than their predecessors.
It is safe to say that the workspace will eventually change if it is not changing already. The generations before weren’t always as expressive, creative or tech savvy, as I’m sure they could recall a time where Google, Twitter and the iPhone (which we all know and love today) didn’t exist.

In an interview with CEO of APPrise Mobile, Jeff Corbin, he stated that “Gen Z can help millennials by teaching adaptability in the face of change and how to embrace new communications and collaboration tools. A plethora of new tools is invading the workplace, many more suited to a mobile device than a desktop. The workplace needs to change to accommodate the fact that members of Gen Z expect that information will be made available to them and consumable through the small screens of Apple and Android devices and may make them more effective and efficient in their work.”

On the other hand, a productive and innovative workspace which involves digital media will continue to require the professional skills and instincts that have been possessed by the older generations, such as critical thinking (something we were practically forced to learn in college), a desire to solve problems and a thirst for constructive feedback. A quality team consists of individuals who are able to work together, properly assess a situation and demonstrate exceptional problem solving and critical thinking skills.

However, aside from the impending concerns, this generation is also known for their creative and innovative prowess, and at the end of the day, this is something that is also necessary for any good work environment.

Fresh, new, inventive ideas are what a company really needs, and Generation Z can offer this. Jeff Corbin also ended his interview with great, motivational words for individuals seeking advice on how to really deal with Generation Z employees in the office, saying: “Be patient. Be excited. Embrace them. Learn from them. At the same time, be prepared to teach them. Ignore stereotypes. Remember that there once was an older generation that viewed you with the same concerns. And, be open to learning from everyone, younger and older.”