Rigging Services – Remove the Compressor from Your Roof When You Move

rigging servicesHow Do You Move The Compressor Off Your Roof When You Relocate Your Office? You Need Rigging Services. Here’s a little-known secret that movers won’t tell you: rigging services are critical to many moves, and not many companies are certified to do it. So what is rigging, and why would you need it? Here’s a quick tutorial.

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Q. What on earth are rigging services?

A. Rigging services are necessary when you are moving an exceptionally large, heavy, or sensitive piece of equipment — production equipment, hospital equipment, or safes and bank vaults are just some of the unique items that should only be moved by a rigging specialist. Vetted rigging specialists also have the expertise necessary to move equipment where the logistical access points are limited — from industrial machinery on a
production line to the compressor on the roof of a building. Rigging services are also necessary if you need to
crate and skid large items for transport or export, or if you’re moving industrial machinery or equipment that
needs leveling, aligning, and anchoring. Very specialized equipment (crane lifts, engineered and critical lifts,
gantry lifts to 300 tons, forklifts to 100,000 lbs, hydraulic jack-and-slide systems, unified structural jacking systems, cantilever insertion tools, etc) and very experienced move specialists are needed to conduct a rigging job safely and efficiently.

Q. So aren’t rigging services just heavy lifters with cool equipment?

A. NO! Turn-key rigging contractors provide the riggers, machinery, heavy-hauling movers, millwrights, electricians, and crafts persons to dis-assemble, transport, re-assemble and erect machinery and equipment properly. An experienced hauler with a proven match-marking system will provide the most efficient reinstallation and problem-free startup to keep your business running smoothly.

Q. What if I have just one tricky item to move, and not a whole plant?

A. An experienced provider of rigging services focuses on the size of the item, not the size of the project. Just make sure the contractor you hire is a CERTIFIED AND INSURED rigging specialist, not just movers who think they can do rigging projects.

Q . So what kind of certifications should a company have if they are providing rigging services?

A. Any logistics management company quoting on rigging services should provide OSHA qualified or  CCCOCertified riggers and signal persons. You want to take every precaution so that your job site is operating safely at all times.

Q. What’s the difference between trans-loading, heavy hauling, and freight forwarding?

A. Trans-loading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. It is most commonly employed when one mode cannot be used for the entire trip. Heavy hauling is moving oversized loads too large for road travel without an escort and special permit. Freight forwarding is getting goods from the manufacturer or producer to the final point of distribution. All three processes require handling of goods, which leaves your items at much higher risk of damage. That is why you need a rigging specialist that can provide these specialized types of transport services with integrity.

Q. What if my move is complex, and I can’t reinstall my compressor, boiler, or other heavy equipment at the new site right away?

A. A rigging service provider should be able to offer you secure, heated, and crane-served warehousing for short-term machinery and equipment storage, or containerization for long-term storage. They will deliver your equipment as your project requires.

Q. What if my relocation involves moving an entire industrial warehouse or manufacturing plant, and I need to keep manufacturing lines up and running during the transition?

A. A vetted service provider should be able to choreograph all of the various relo priorities in a single logistics plan. They can phase one manufacturing line out at the old location, and get it up and running at the new location as you transition through the move. Keeping multiple manufacturing lines productive throughout a
transition is complex, but certainly attainable with detailed planning.

The bottom line is rigging services are a critical part of any move, and you need an experienced, certified provider to tackle this part of your transition. Rigging is just too much for you to shoulder on your own.

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