Pre-Purchaser Administrative Consent Orders

Pre-Purchaser Administrative Consent OrdersThe NJDEP recently approved the use of Pre-Purchaser Administrative Consent Orders (ACOs). This tool allows a buyer with no connection to the Person Responsible for Conducting the Remediation (PRCR) to purchase a Site that is in Direct Oversight (DO) with modifications to the DO requirements. Under DO, remediation timeframes are tied to the Site, not to the PRCR. However, ARRCS (N.J.A.C. 7:26C-14.4) allows NJDEP to adjust certain direct oversight requirements. The new Pre-Purchaser ACO allows for the following adjustments:

  • A Remediation Cost Review must still be certified by an LSRP and a Remedial Funding Source must be
    established for the full remediation cost; however the 1% annual surcharge is waived.
  • The entire contaminated Site must still be remediated, but the PRCR selects the remedy and remediation
    proceeds without prior NJDEP approval.
  • Annual Remediation Fees replace DO costs.
  • The Feasibility Study is waived.
  • Submittals are reviewed by the Bureau of Inspection & Review.
  • A new Remedial Investigation Timeframe will be established, but no extensions will be available.

Download “Pre-Purchaser Administrative Consent Orders” (PDF)

Three to four months prior to a proposed property transaction, the prospective purchaser must submit a letter to
NJDEP providing basic identifying information on the Site and certifying that they have no prior connection to the
Site or current PRCR.

The Pre-Purchaser ACO must be executed with NJDEP prior to the transfer of ownership (not necessarily the date
the Deed is recorded). If a deal does not go through, the Pre-Purchaser Agreement is cancelled with no obligation from the purchaser.

The NJDEP hopes to make this a collaborative effort that fosters property transactions while bringing contaminated Sites, that have languished for years in DO, into compliance.

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