Investing in Parking Lot Maintenance

Brand new parking lots last up to 15 years with regular parking lot maintenance. How can you maintain your parking lot?

Crack Sealing and Seal Coating are essential applications for long term pavement protection.

Crack Seal is a rubberized material that is applied directly into the cracks. This application prevents moisture and water from seeping into the cracks and creating potholes. Crack Seal also inhibits vegetation from flourishing which over time the roots can push the pavement.

It is recommended to complete your crack fill project with a seal coat application. Seal Coat is an asphaltic
liquid mixture that helps in blocking oxidation caused by the sun and degradation from UV rays damage and
traffic. It also restores the rich black color of the asphalt which makes a lasting first impression of your lot.
Investing in the maintenance of your lot can save you thousands!

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