East Coast Mayors Call for More Office Conversions

East Coast mayors calling for more office to apartment conversions

Mayors in cities across the U.S. want to loosen rules that can slow the pace of office-to-residential conversions. In some instances, cities have offered generous tax abatements to developers who […]

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Amazon Employees to Return to Office Three Days a Week

Amazon is instructing corporate staffers to spend at least three days a week in the office, CEO Andy Jassy wrote in a memo on Friday. It marks a shift from Amazon’s previous policy, […]

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Concessions Offered to Lure Office Tenants

Office Market Trends

A growing spread between starting and effective rents illustrates how office landlords — even among coveted Class A buildings — are seeing their rental income eroded as the office market […]

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Mortgage Bonds Coming Due in 2023

Mortgage Bonds Backed By Office Buildings in 2023

Some $17 billion in mortgage bonds backed by office properties is coming due this year, in an environment where the outlook for the U.S. office market is cloudier than ever […]

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Office Owners Want to Own More Than Office Space

Office Owners

Many of the most prominent office developers in the U.S. are shifting gears, looking to buy or build real estate that isn’t office.  Boston Properties Inc. is planning to develop […]

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Fundamental Change Coming to Office Sector

Office Changes Coming to US Post Covid

As the CEO of a company that produces one of proptech’s leading data visualization tools—offering advanced predictive analytics—Navigator’s Taylor Odegard has no trouble visualizing the future of offices in central […]

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U.S. Return-to-Office Rates Hit Pandemic High as More Employers Get Tougher

US Return to Work Rate Increases

Workers are returning to U.S. offices at the highest rate since the pandemic forced most workplaces to temporarily close in 2020, as infection rates continue to fall and more companies intensify efforts to bring […]

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How shifting office demand may factor into commercial mortgage market

CRE Volume

Remote work that started as a temporary solution at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has made one of commercial real estate’s most prolific sectors the biggest question mark more […]

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With Omicron In The Rear-View Mirror, Southern New Jersey & Philly Markets Face New Obstacles Uncertainty Returns to Commercial Real Estate in Q2 After a Strong First Quarter Commercial real […]

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Return-to-office is flattening as companies navigate employee pushback, commutes, higher gas prices

the modern office space

Following the Omicron variant peak this past winter, a moment was seized upon by many U.S. companies. After many fits and starts, it was time for their employees to return […]

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How Office Use Is Evolving the Urban Core

Most Desirable Features In An Office Space

The pandemic has catalyzed an undeniable change in office use, but many companies still have questions and uncertainties about how these changes will take shape and how to plan workplace […]

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Office demand in major US markets rises in March but ‘too early to tell’ long-term

office design

At least one tracker of office-market demand in major U.S. markets shows an improvement in March, after five months of stagnation. VTS Inc.’s VTS Office Demand Index, or VODI, grew […]

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