Storm Drain Inlet Repair

Let’s look at the importance of Storm Drain Inlet Repair. Inlets, also known as catch basins or storm drains, are designed to collect water runoff from roads and parking lots during inclement weather. The main function of the inlets is to act as an underground drainage system.

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Throughout the drainage process, debris and other waste can accumulate over time, getting caught in the inlets and creating an obstruction. When this occurs, it will slow down the drainage process and can eventually stop it altogether, causing unsafe conditions. Maintaining your inlets by removing the debris will help extend the life of the inlet and surrounding asphalt.

Storm Drain Inlet Repair

The interior of an inlet is typically comprised of bricks and blocks held in place by mortar, or a precast concrete structure. During freeze-thaw cycles, and as a result of salting parking lots in the snow, the interior can erode and cause the frame and grate to sink. As a result, sinkholes are common as the surrounding asphalt deteriorates.

Always consult a licensed professional like American Asphalt Company to inspect your inlets in order to determine the severity of any potential problems. Once the issue is diagnosed, we will make sure that the inlet and the surrounding asphalt is fixed the RIGHT way. It is important to always look for the signs, first starting with the debris and make sure that they are removed.

Having the water drain properly off of your parking lot is vital and can prevent safety issues and possible liabilities.