Property Management : Roof Preventative Maintenance

Proper roof preventive maintenance is the key to making a roof last. The goal is to identify problems before they become expensive repairs, maximize the life expectancy of your roof and assist in evaluating future repair-replacement needs.

Protect Your Building and Extend the Life of Your Roof Leaks that go unnoticed can cause significant damage to roofing materials and adjacent surfaces. Leaks that are left unattended can also cause significant to structural components well beyond damage to interior finishes and impact on usable space inside the building. Potential leaks identified early cause less damage and cost significantly less to repair.

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Recommended Roof Preventive Maintenance Services

Recommended Roof Preventive Maintenance ServicesIn keeping with manufacturer’s warranty requirement for regular maintenance, once per quarter or at the change of seasons, should include:
• membrane roof and flashings
• metal counter-flashings
• drip edges
• coping caps
• equipment enclosures
• adjoining stucco
• wood masonry surfaces
• sealant joints
• Clear vegetation and debris from roof surface
• Remove standing water from the roof
• Removing debris from gutters, downspouts, and the roof surface
• Performing minor repairs such as filling pitch pockets, securing access panels on all roof top equipment
• Assessing the need for light power washing to preserve the maximum energy savings of reflective white roofs
• If major deficiencies are discovered immediately notify both the warranty department and the installer to get pricing for repairs.

Roof Preventive Maintenance and Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty covers the cost of repairing active or reported leaks caused by materials and workmanship. However, the warranty only obliges the manufacturer to repair leaks as they occur, and the method and manner of repair is up the discretion of the manufacturer. The repairs may or may not cover the cost of damages to roofing materials depending on the type of agreement. Likewise, the warranty does not cover leaks that originate from adjacent surfaces or damages from leaks that are ignored or left unattended.

Owner Obligations Under the Manufacturer’s Warranty

To remain active, the roof warranty requires building owners to report leaks in a timely fashion and maintain the roof system and adjacent surfaces during the warranty period. The manufacturer’s roofing warranty does not cover maintenance. Routine inspection either using inhouse maintenance staff if qualified or a roofing company, can save thousands in repairs, preserve your building’s reputation and countless hours dealing with less than happy tenants.

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