Philadelphia 2023 Property Tax Assessments

Philadelphia 2023 Property Tax AssessmentsThe City of Philadelphia has released the 2023 property tax assessments online. The City has announced that the 2023 tax digest is approximately 31% higher than the prior year’s digest.

All property assessments notices will be mailed by September 1 and will provide an opportunity to appeal through an informal review. If an informal (non-hearing) review request is filed, property owners do not need to engage an attorney or an appraiser, allowing Ryan to discuss values with the City.

Should an informal discussion with the city not generate a reduction, the formal appeal deadline of Monday, October 3 is available to seek relief. The formal appeal level will require legal counsel and a
new summary appraisal report.

The Ryan team is available to work with property owners on a comprehensive range of proactive strategies designed to address these value increases and implement tax mitigation strategies. If you would like to learn more about how Ryan can assist you, please visit our local website.

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With more than 17 years of experience, Renee represents Ryan as the jurisdiction specialist for the state of Pennsylvania, assisting clients in the reduction of tax liabilities resulting from overvaluation in property tax assessments. Renee specializes in the valuation and taxation of real property with a focus on providing consulting and litigation support for real property tax appeals in the Philadelphia market and throughout suburban Pennsylvania. She assists clients in a variety of services, including pre-acquisition and pre-development tax planning for multiple industries, including office, multifamily, industrial, retail, hospitality, senior living, and specialty properties. Additionally, Renee is the client manager for a significant number of global real estate clients with national portfolio footprints.