Most Desirable Features In An Office Space

Most Desirable Features In An Office Space

People expect the most desirable features in office space after the last few years. Employees want to feel welcomed, supported, and comfortable if they’re turning down remote job opportunities to work for a company in person. These are the most desirable features in an office space that commercial tenants will expect if they are to remain in long-term leases.

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1. Parking Garage

A parking lot next to a commercial building pales in comparison to a parking garage. They present a few benefits that impress tenants and anyone visiting the property. Employees will feel safer because everyone needs a badge to access the garage. No one can walk in off the street or park there if they’re not part of the company. There may even be a security guard standing in an entrance booth. Parking garages are also covered. Intense storms and weather systems won’t damage expensive cars and cost tenants money for repairs. People will want to work in a building longer if they can enjoy the many benefits of a parking garage.

2. Soft Indoor Lighting

Most office spaces have fluorescent lighting. They fit larger light fixtures to accommodate the extra expansive rooms and hallways, but most people don’t enjoy sitting under fluorescent bulbs all day long. The lighting can strain people’s vision, triggering irritating workday headaches that recur each week. Commercial properties will be more attractive to potential tenants if they advertise the use of lighting that combines energy efficiency with a warm, productive, and welcoming atmosphere. Some compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs offer options that are easier on everyone’s eyes and make any office space look warmer.

3. Natural Lighting

Beyond the cost-effectiveness for the company by using sunlight over paying for a heightened electric bill, natural lighting provides numerous physical and mental health benefits for employees. Natural lighting, the key part of our bodies’ circadian rhythm, has been proven to improve sleep, allowing workers to feel more rested before coming to work and be more productive throughout the day. Additionally, natural lighting has been found to have a significant effect on mental health. It has been known to help lower stress and anxiety, and the lack of it is a key factor in seasonal affective disorder.

4. An Updated Coffee Machine

Some tenants may own startups that aren’t very profitable yet. They’ll be more inclined to rent commercial space with an updated coffee machine. Machines that use coffee pods, make espresso, or feature extra-large coffee pots will demonstrate a landlord’s care for their tenants. Entrepreneurs, managers, and employees will be much happier to come to work and stay in that location because they didn’t have to invest any money upfront to find a coffee machine that pleased everyone.

5. An Accessible Location

Commercial landlords know that a property’s location heavily influences a tenant’s decision to sign a lease. That factor only becomes more critical when the tenant owns a company that employs many people who work together in person. The U.S. Census Bureau found that the average worker commutes for 27.6 minutes one-way, which adds up to nearly an hour on the road every day. Tenants will grow tired of commuting if it keeps them in their car that much. Location is one of the most desirable features in an office space because it allows people to spend more of their free time doing whatever they want. Downtown properties or buildings in the middle of where a tenant’s employees live will be the most likely spaces locked into leases.

6. Ergonomic Office Chairs

Sitting at a computer all day isn’t easy on anyone’s back, hips, or neck. Offices that come fully furnished are more attractive to potential tenants. They’ll want their teams to remain comfortable so it’s easier to focus on their tasks. Ergonomic office chairs that take back support and elbow padding into account are excellent additions landlords can place in their available offices to interest more tenants.

7. New Standing Desks

A recent study found that standing desks are the most in-demand employee benefit across industries. Potential tenants will likely prioritize available properties if those spaces have standing desks waiting for their teams. Property owners can replace existing desks with standing models to meet this need and make their property more desirable.

8. Durable Office-Wide Carpeting

Most offices have open floor plans. They’ve been popular since rising to fame in the 1950s with improved traffic flow and more opportunities for better communication. Tenants still want this floorplan, but not without carpeting. Vinyl or hardwood floors aren’t the best choices for office spaces. Anyone who’s on the phone or having a conversation with a team member will become much louder as their voices bounce between the floors and walls. Modern office spaces should feature durable carpeting to minimize noise and echoes.

9. An Expensive Kitchen

Kitchens are multipurpose rooms in professional buildings. They are moments of respite between meetings, a quiet place to eat lunch, and a casual space to hang out with co-workers while everyone prepares their food. Tenants never enjoy cramped kitchens that keep the joy from those activities. Desirable kitchens have extra counter space, a dishwasher, and several cabinets comparable to those in a small apartment. Tenants can keep supplies in the extra storage space year-round for office parties or daily dishware use. They’ll also prefer leased buildings that provide an extra-large fridge. It promises room for team growth and enough space to accommodate everyone who chooses to bring food from home.

10. Comfortable Break Areas

A comfortable break area is apart of the most desirable features in an office space especially because, everyone needs to take occasional breaks. Sitting in the same desk chair doesn’t provide much relief. Instead, potential tenants will look for offices with break areas that look inviting. Sitting in the same desk chair doesn’t provide much relief. Instead, potential tenants will look for offices with break areas that look inviting. Establish a corner nook or a separate room with comfortable couches and side tables. A ceiling fan or a wide window could be a nice touch to an indoor break area. Landlords who rent properties with grassy areas or porches could also add outdoor seating for any tenant who wants to get a breath of fresh air before diving back into their to-do list.

Update for The Most Desirable Features In Office Space

These are the most desirable features in an office space because they put every tenant’s needs first. When people feel comfortable, welcomed, and able to focus in a workspace, they’ll likely stay with their specific property long-term.


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