Commercial HVAC Tips for Spring

Commercial HVAC TipsHutchinson has helped put together some commercial HVAC tips for Spring for clients of Wolf Commercial Real Estate. With the winter behind us, there’s no doubt you’re ready for the warmer weather. But is your HVAC
system ready to handle the dog days of summer? Don’t procrastinate and wait until something breaks down – it will only cost you comfort and dollars in the long-run.

Hutchinson, a leading mechanical services contractor serving the Tri-State Region’s commercial HVAC customers, offers tips to help add life to your HVAC systems, keep you feeling comfortable, and improve your bottom line.

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Commercial HVAC Tips for Spring

• Get an AC inspection and tune up. Now’s the time… don’t procrastinate and wait until it’s 80 degrees outside! Our certificated technicians will test your system to determine if any repairs are needed. Preventive maintenance will keep your system running smooth and efficiently, and extend its service life, too.

• Swap out your air filters. Rule of thumb is to change filters before every season at a minimum, and as needed.

• Install programmable controls. Employees won’t have to worry or remember to adjust thermostats when they leave. Consider a 21st century control system, too for extra efficiency. With the click of a mouse, Honeywell Web Certified Hutchinson technicians can access heating and cooling controls over the web, enabling them to quickly access, monitor and repair any heating or cooling remotely.

• Get your ductwork inspected and cleaned. Leaks or cracks can reduce energy efficiency in your cooling systems and result in higher utility bills. A duct system that’s properly sealed can save you money and make you more comfortable in your business.

• Spring clean up around your HVAC units. During the winter, leaves and debris can build up around units. Make sure to clear this away during your spring cleaning to give your unit at least two feet of clearance all the way around. This will help your unit function properly and safely.

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