6 Apps for Busy Business Professionals

6 Apps for Busy Business ProfessionalsLet’s look at some apps to help you increase workplace productivity. As a business owner, it can be hard to find time to do it all. That’s why we created this list of the best business apps available on iOS and Android devices. These are some of our favorite tools designed specifically with busy executives in mind. Whether your job involves managing projects or keeping track of sales numbers, these apps will keep you on track! These 6 recommended productivity apps are just one place to start and ones that we find useful.

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6 Apps for Busy Business Professionals


Keeping your data secure is at the top of our list and with a lot of password managers to choose from we recommend 1Password. 1Password is a password manager for all of your devices. The app stores all of your passwords, usernames, and other sensitive information behind a single master password. It also generates strong passwords for you so that you’re never stuck with the same password for every account.1Password is an award-winning, best-in-class password manager and syncs across multiple platforms. It provides three layers of security: AES encryption to keep your data safe in transit; SSL encryption to keep it safe on our servers; and finally your own home folder encryption to ensure only you have access to your data.

2. Google Drive

Access all of your files from any device, anywhere, anytime Your Google Account starts with 15 GB of free storage!
Google Drive is home to all of your files, whether they’re work documents, personal photos or videos, or anything else. You can access your files from any device and share them with others. Google Drive can be used to easily create, edit and collaborate on documents. It automatically saves your changes as you type so you never have to worry about losing a file again. Do you need to access a file offline or at another location without an internet connection? No problem, simply enable the file for offline access.

3. Slack

Instant Messaging App Perfect for Keeping Up to Date with Team Communications. Slack was designed to make team communication easier. It works as a centralized hub where team members can send messages, collaborate and make decisions quickly. It can integrate with over 2,400 other apps to allow for customizable workflows. Slack also comes with a number of features that help you stay efficient at work such as:

• Channels where you can collaborate on projects in real-time with your team members.
• Direct messages between two people.
• Share files quickly and easily with your team.
• Search by keyword functionality.

4. Todoist

Todoist is the Ultimate to-do and Task Manager. It gives you the tools you need to become more productive, including features such as reminders, projects, sub-tasks, subtasks, labels and due dates. You can also share your tasks with others on the same account or with a team that’s using Todoist Business.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a very popular note-taking application, it is available across many different devices and operating systems.
The app allows users to create notes and notebooks of varying formats such as text, audio, images or drawings by typing or using a camera. Evernote, which earned a score of 78, is a fan favorite among business executives, according to the data from Applause. (cio.com)

6. Trello

Trello is a project management platform that uses cards to envision your roadmap. Set deadlines for each card and assign tasks to collaborators as needed. With Trello, you can quickly see what your team is working on without needing to be an active user or participate on a variety of projects.

Software and apps promising to shave hours of time off your working day are flooding the market. There are many to choose from and not all of them will work for your business from day one. It’s important to pick a tool that will scale with your company as it grows. These 6 recommended productivity apps are just one place to start and ones that we find useful.


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