Philly’s Inflation Remains Sticky

Philadelphia's Inflation is Still Sticky Compared to the Rest of the Nation

The latest release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the Philadelphia metropolitan area continues to grapple with inflation rates surpassing those of the broader country. Philadelphia’s core inflation, […]

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Philadelphia’s Retail Sector is the Sole Property Type Experiencing a Reduction in Vacancy

Philadelphia's Retail Sector is the Sole Property Type Experiencing a Reduction in Vacancy

Between the first quarters of 2020 and 2024, the Philadelphia commercial real estate market exhibited diverse trends in its major sectors—retail, industrial, multifamily, and office. Retail defied expectations, experiencing consistent […]

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The Conversion of Philadelphia’s Office Buildings Needs to Commence Immediately

The Conversion of Philadelphia's Office Buildings Needs to Commence Immediately

The COVID pandemic has left an indelible mark on our collective memory, reshaping the way people work and where they work. In the Philadelphia area, the blending of home and […]

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Rising Retail Capitalization Rates Amid Sustained Consumer Demand

Retail Capitalization Rates Shift Higher, Despite Enduring Consumer Demand

After a period of price discovery, the Philadelphia region is adjusting to a new valuation standard for commercial real estate assets. Recent transactions indicate that the higher interest rates of […]

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Commercial Real Estate Sales in Philadelphia Sector Enter 2024 on a Low Note

Philadelphia’s Commercial Real Estate Sales Enter 2024 on a Low Note

After enduring the slowest year for commercial property sales in over a decade in 2023, the Philadelphia region approaches the new year with cautious optimism. The initial months are expected […]

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Philadelphia Industrial Assets Remain Top Choice for Real Estate Investors for Third Consecutive Year

Philadelphia Industrial Assets Remain Top Choice for Real Estate Investors for Third Consecutive Year

Despite a 57% annual sales decline in 2023, industrial properties in the Philadelphia region maintained their status as the preferred asset class. The industrial sector is poised to exhibit resilience […]

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Philadelphia Retailers Downsize Store Requirements, Leading to Smaller Average Retail Lease Sizes

Average Retail Lease Size Gets Smaller as Philadelphia Retailers Reduce Store Size Requirements

The trend of diminishing retail lease sizes continues in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing impact. In 2023, the average retail lease size shrank by nearly […]

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Assessing Philadelphia’s Office Market Against Other Major US Cities

Assessing Philadelphia's Office Market Against Other Major US Cities

Amidst a national trend of companies downsizing office spaces over three years, the Philadelphia metropolitan area stands out for its resilience compared to several other major U.S. office markets. Although […]

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Nation’s Strongest and Weakest Apartment Rent Growth

Apartment Rental Rates Across US

For the first time in more than 20 years, Chicago’s apartment rent growth is the highest among its major market peers over the course of three consecutive quarters. Apartment rents […]

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East Coast Mayors Call for More Office Conversions

East Coast mayors calling for more office to apartment conversions

Mayors in cities across the U.S. want to loosen rules that can slow the pace of office-to-residential conversions. In some instances, cities have offered generous tax abatements to developers who […]

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Philadelphia’s Education and Medical Economy Leads The Region’s Employment Growth

Health and education jobs surpass Philly region prepandemic report

After losing nearly 520,000 nonfarm jobs peak-to-trough in 2020, the Philadelphia region continues to surpass pre-pandemic employment levels with two industries leading the way: education and health services, and professional […]

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Center City District Says Diversifying Downtown is Key to Philadelphia’s Future

Center City District CEO Paul Levy says diversifying downtown is the key to Philadelphia's future

Three years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Philadelphia’s downtown recovery has both challenges and opportunities. Office buildings have been slow to fill back up while restaurants have rebounded. […]

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