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Best Practices for Proper Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

Best Practices for Proper Asphalt Parking Lot MaintenanceLet’s look at the best practices for proper asphalt parking lot maintenance. The four most precious assets associated with a commercial building; the roof, the HVAC system, the elevator (if there is one), and the parking lot. The parking lot is the first impression of your company to your employees; as well as, your client base. A decision as to do business with a company or not…often comes right in the parking lot. The expected useful life of a parking lot (that was properly constructed) should be 15-20 years providing proper maintenance has been applied.

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Proper Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance Includes:

• Seal coating every two years
• Crack sealing as soon as they appear, and before they widen/worsen.
• New striping for safe navigation by pedestrians and motorists.
• Proper signage
• Pothole repairs as soon as they appear.
• Inlet repair at the first sign of failure
• Water should never be standing in a parking lot- find/remediate the root cause. Pavement failure is often the result of standing water and the subsequent freeze-thaw cycles. Small untreated cracks eventually turn into potholes which cause the pavement to fail. Once this or alligatoring occurs, there is no course of action other than costly reconstruction.

Best Practices for Proper Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance fall into 3 Categories

1. Must do: Consisting of concerns revolving around property and personal liabilities. Some potential hazards include raised sidewalk, broken curb, potholes, large cracks, alligatored areas, and failing inlets.

2. Should do: Consisting of preventative maintenance measures that will provide life cycle cost savings by “getting ahead” of tomorrows problems today. These include crack sealing, seal coating and small repairs.

3. Could do: When the budget permits, reconstructing the area earlier is better than later. Costly base repairs can often be avoided if milling and paving are performed early.

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Parking Lot Tips for Business Owners

Parking Lot Tips for Business OwnersLets look at Parking Lot Tips for Business Owners. American Asphalt Company has been supplying and paving South Jersey since 1903. They just announced this past July, that they are now an employee owned company. This growth transition means that every employee behind the scenes and on the front line value and care about the projects and customers alike. Dave Sulkin, Vice President of sales and marketing, has been with the company for 10 years and came with 40 years of experience in new business development, sales, sales management and marketing. In recent years, Dave developed American Asphalt’s parking lot maintenance division, also known as, Solutions Division, which specializes in small paving and parking lot services.

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5 Parking Lot Tips for Business Owners

1. First Impressions are everything. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This goes for your parking lot too. Would you be willing to trust a company if their parking lot looked neglected? The answer would be most likely no. We specialize in beautifying your parking lot so that your guests feel welcome and trust you BEFORE they walk into your building.

2. Safety is TOP PRIORITY. Potholes, cracks, and crumbled curb or asphalt, can cause you to be culpable for any personal injury or physical damage. If a client trips on broken asphalt, their heel gets caught in a crack, or their car gets damaged entering your parking lot, this can cause major liabilities. You’re parking lot shouldn’t be a warzone, dodging potholes and cracks.

3. Compliance is key in every work field. OSHA, HIPAA, ECOA are just a few compliance laws that some companies deal with. In the parking lot world, ADA Compliance is to protect those who are disabled. How? ADA Compliance ensures that there is enough spacing for parking wheelchairs and other mobilizations and required access to entranceways.

4. Preventative maintenance can save you thousands. We all take care of our bodies by taking vitamins, exercising, going to the doctors for check-ups; this is a part of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance applies to your parking lot too. Three years after your parking lot has been paved, seal coat should be applied. This along with crack filling and line striping are big parts in preventative maintenance, protecting your parking lot from the surrounding environment.

5. Parking lot signage. Signage serves an important role in safeguarding your clients and the general public. Most people associate auto accidents with public highways, but studies have shown that thousands of collisions occur each year inside parking areas. High profile messages can help prevent these incidents by providing a better understanding of their environment and a clear direction to both pedestrians and motorists.