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How to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter

How to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter


Did you prepare your parking lot for winter? Most property owners neglect this because many property managers and commercial property owners are unaware of how the winter weather, salt and plowing can cause damage to their parking lot. Winter weather can wreak havoc on a commercial parking lot, specifically in our region. The harsh freeze-thaw cycles cause asphalt to expand and contract, allowing water to seep into the foundation. This creates permanent damage, in the form of cracks and potholes.

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Ways Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter

Crack Sealing: As a preventative measure, consider filling cracks in the parking lot before they turn into potholes. Longitudinal cracks between ¼” and 1” can be cleaned and filled with hot rubberized material that will expand and contract as the temperature shifts. The crack sealing material creates a bond with the surface of the asphalt pavement, preventing water from penetrating the asphalt.

Asphalt Repairs: Potholes can be repaired with hot mix asphalt in the fall months. Damaged asphalt is saw cut and removed, then the area is cleaned and prepared for the installation of new asphalt. When hot asphalt is unavailable, EZ Street high performance cold asphalt is a great alternative. This material works in cold temperatures, and can even be applied in water. Neglecting potholes, especially in the colder months, can be very dangerous. As the asphalt continues to break apart and the holes become larger and larger, this creates a safety hazard for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Inlet Repairs: When water seeps into your inlets, the inside structure deteriorates. Salt and ice melt used in the winter months also washes into the storm drains, which further erodes the walls. To avoid a potential sinkhole, make sure your catch basins are structurally sound, the interior walls are parged, and the surrounding asphalt is intact.

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5 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

This article explores the top 5 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot. First impressions are everything. New asphalt surfaces that are seal coated within their first year will experience less degradation from UV damage, water and traffic. This article was provided to Wolf Commercial Real Estate by Dave Sulkin, VP of sales for American Asphalt Company.

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5 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

(1) Appearance

What impression is your parking lot making? 52% of consumers have avoided a business altogether because it looked dirty from the outside. 95% say that appearance is an important factor in selecting a place to shop.


(2) Prevent Oxidation

By blocking the sun and ultraviolet rays from damaging the surface causing cracks and deterioration.


(3) Weatherproofing
The number one destroying force to asphalt pavement is WATER.


(4) Protecting Against Spills
Protect against gasoline oil spills from automobiles that damage and soften the surface.

(5) Preserve Your Investment
Properly applied, sealcoat can save an owner huge costs over the life of a hot mix asphalt pavement.



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