Office Relocation During COVID-19

Office Relocation During COVID-19Every move is challenging, but an office move has so many moving parts to it that it can seem like an overwhelming task especially during the time of COVID-19. You have two options: coordinate the project yourself, or look to outsource it. If your office relocation needs to be a seamless transition that doesn’t impact your day-to-day business, then the most expedient solution is to partner with a responsible commercial move expert who has a field tested logistics management program in place.

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You’ll want to select a relocation expert who can act as a ‘partner’ for the duration of your relocation project. This is someone who is detailed, communicates frequently, and has your best interest as the #1 priority so your project is on budget, on time, and keeps in mind all the safety protocols during COVID-19. Before you hire a company, interview several candidates, and see which ones will approach your move with these proven parameters:

Step #1: Office Relocation Plan & Objectives

Your Logistics Coordinator should develop a project overview and outline that encapsulates all the details involved in your relocation, including:

• Projected time-frame:
– Are employees working from home or working in the office? Do you need to stagger the relocation and phase employees back into the space?
• Goals and budget
• Space evaluation:
– Will your office need to be reconfigured to accommodate the 6-foot social distancing recommendation?
– Does your old space need to be disinfected after moving? Does your new space need to be sanitized before your employees come back to work?
• Asset inventory/furniture analysis:
– Will you reduce your office furniture so your employees are six feet apart?
• Space planning (provide your relocation expert with detailed floor plans or blueprints)
• Contents move plan and asset liquidation
• Computer/phone/data migration

Step #2: Physical Survey

A logistics expert should survey both the origin and destination locations in order to provide a comprehensive detailed plan. It’s important to identify property/building management requirements and specifications so that decommissioning at the current office space complies with the guidelines, and any build-outs required at the new office space are completed prior to move day. A physical survey is especially important when relocating stock from several different locations — office, store, or warehouse. Each venue requires an entirely different logistical approach, so don’t assume just giving the logistics team the square footage total is enough information. Nothing takes the place of an actual boots-on-the-ground survey.

Step #3: Budgeting

Your Logistics Coordinator should create a detailed budget that breaks down the move into individual line items. Any vendor services needed should be sent out for comparative bid. Final recommendations should slot into the comprehensive move plan with an associated sub-budget.

• Timeline with confirmed project dates
• Benchmarks and target dates for vendor services
• Budget goals and savings opportunities

Step #4: Finalize Move Plan

Your Logistics Coordinator should develop a final move plan that incorporates all aspects of planning, scheduling, and budgeting. The entire work process should afford you complete transparency throughout your relocation project, so you are an integral part of the move without doing any of the heavy lifting.

Step #5: Project Move Team

Office Relocation Plan & ObjectivesOrganization and coordination are the foundation to any successful move. Your onsite logistics team should provide real-time updates to you, and act as the liaison with the vendors needed to complete the project. They should also be masked and stay as socially distant as possible throughout your move. A commercial relocation is a major step for any business. Make it your business to hire the best full-service professional for the job.

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