WCRE February 2024 Newsletter

In the WCRE February 2024 Newsletter, we cover a variety events impacting Philadelphia and South Jersey Commercial Real Estate. This month we cover major developments in Philly Neshaminy Mall with vacant spaces, Bonner’s Irish Pub building listing, new neighborhood at Naval Yard, and development plans for South Philly. In New York there is major development news in areas like Port Authority redevelopment, Goldman Sachs NY offices, and New rules for office dress code. We also cover developments in South Jersey such as, a new tenant coming to shop center, office building to senior apartments, and 4 additional restaurants to open in A.C.


February 2024 Newsletter

February 2024 – Philadelphia Commercial Real Estate News

  • Neshaminy Mall with Vacant Spaces
  • Café Owner Launches New Concept
  • Bonner’s Irish Pub Building Listings
  • Raynes & Lawn Leaves Rittenhouse
  • $59M Mortgage Moves
  • New Neighborhood At Naval Yard
  • Jordan Store Coming To Philly
  • Development For South Philly
  • Philadelphia Obtains Property
  • Property Trades Surpass $1 Billion
  • More In-Office Days for Workers
  • Conversion of Philly Offices

February 2024 – South Jersey Commercial Real Estate News

  • New Tenant Coming To Shop Center
  • Investor Acquires Housing Tower
  • Self Storage Declined By Broad
  • Office Building To Senior Apartments
  • Plans To Demolish Medport Diner
  • 8 New Homes Planned In Cherry Hill
  • Office Building To Apartments
  • Industrial Building Changes Hands
  • 4 Additional Restaurants In A.C.
  • Work Begins On Apartment Project

February 2024 – New York Commercial Real Estate News

  • Port Authority Redevelopment
  • Goldman Sachs NY Offices
  • Office Leasing In NY Increases
  • Real Estate Class Action Lawsuit
  • New Rules For Office Dress Code