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Woodbury Commercial Real EstateWoodbury commercial real estate is well worth a look for business owners and investors in the Gloucester County region. Its proximity to Philadelphia while being distant enough to avoid major congestion makes Woodbury a great spot for offices, stores, restaurants and warehouses.

A Short History of Woodbury

Woodbury City, known to its original Native American inhabitants as Piscozackasing (“Place of the Black Burrs”), is much more than just the county seat of Gloucester County. It also was home to a late 18th Century dinosaur fossil find, and the first municipality in the country to officially mandate recycling.

The name “Woodbury” was – literally – drawn from the name of the community’s founder – Henry Wood – and the town in England – Bury – in which he was incarcerated for openly practicing the Quaker religion. Once released from jail, Wood commissioned a ship in 1683 and sailed to the New World to establish a colony where he would start a Society of Friends colony.

Centuries later, in what could be viewed as a symbolic reconciliation between Wood and Bury, the United States’ City of Woodbury and England’s Metropolitan Borough of Bury became twin towns, or sister cities, in Year 2000 Millennium celebrations in both municipalities. A highlight of those ceremonies was a visit to the Quaker meeting house in Woodbury by the Bury-based Vicar of the Church of England, the congregation that imprisoned Wood years earlier.

Discovered about a hundred years after Wood established Woodbury, but – obviously – deposited there more than a hundred million years earlier – one of the first fossils unearthed in America was found in the city in 1787. While dinosaurs were not recognized as a separate reptilian species until the mid-1800s, this find – and a similar one in nearby Haddonfield in 1858 – established South Jersey as what many consider the home of modern-day paleontology.

According to researchers at the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton, samples from nine of the 11 geologic periods of the Earth’s history in which fossils are located are in New Jersey, and – to be more specific – South Jersey. Another testament to this fact is the recent opening in nearby Mantua Township, Gloucester County, of the Jean & Ric Edelman Fossil Park at Rowan University in what used to be a sand pit mining operation.

Another feather in Woodbury’s cap is its place in history as the first municipality in the United States to mandate recycling for its residents. City Councilman Donald Sanderson, who went on to serve as mayor as well, first proposed the idea in the late 1970s and it became law in December 1980.

Inspired by a local Girl Scout troop’s recycling efforts, Sanderson proposed that city trash trucks tow behind them a separate trailer into which municipal sanitation workers would deposit recyclables after loading regular trash into the main vehicle. Sanderson traveled across the country speaking about the program and encouraging other municipalities to follow suit.

As a city with such a large background, it might be surprising to know that Woodbury covers just two-square miles in area (specifically 2.06 square miles) to place it as the 18th largest – or seventh smallest – among the 24 Gloucester County municipalities. It sits between 2.31 square-mile Pitman Borough and 1.71 square-mile Newfield Borough.

In terms of residents, Woodbury is the 10th most populous municipality in Gloucester County with a 2010 U.S. Census population of 10,174 sandwiched between Woolwich Township with 10,200 people and East Greenwich Township with 9,555 inhabitants.

The town of Woodbury offers convenience to several major attractive areas, while offering enough of a talent pool to attract working class employees interested in an easy commute. It’s ideal for restaurants, stores, industrial companies, and much more. Woodbury is accessible by multiple major highways, including I-295, NJ Routes 45 and 47, and its downtown area offers a great spot to set up your store, healthcare facility, or other local business for high visibility.

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