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Winslow Township Commercial Real EstateWCRE is your experienced local guide to Winslow Township commercial real estate. We have a wealth of knowledge of commercial real estate in South Jersey, and whether you are looking for a place for your business, a building for a residential property, or simply a commercial real estate investment, we can make it happen for you. We can help you find a property that is ideal for your goals and provides a long term return on your investment.

Winslow Township’s location, as somewhat of a suburb of Philadelphia but not quite close enough for traffic, makes it ideal for multiple types of commercial investments…industrial centers, larger offices, and much more. Winslow Township is also along the path to the Jersey Shore, on several major routes such as the Atlantic City Expressway and U.S. Routes 30 and 322. It’s a great place to set up a filling station, hotel, retail center and much more.

Winslow Township, at 58 square miles in area, is more than 60 percent larger in area than its closest Camden County competitor, Waterford Township (36 square miles). In population, Winslow – with 39,499 residents – is in fourth place among county municipalities, behind the 64,364 people in Gloucester Township and ahead of Pennsauken Township with 35,885. Winslow’s population in the 2010 Census is up more than 14 percent from the 34,611 recorded in the 2000 Census.

A Brief History of Winslow Township

Winslow Township is Camden County’s largest municipality with a history of glass making and of swapping land with neighboring boroughs and townships. It’s also home to an excellent inventory of commercial real estate properties.

Incorporated in 1845 from part of Gloucester Township, Winslow Township itself was subdivided to create Chesilhurst Borough in 1887. Two smaller land swaps that slightly shifted legal boundaries took place in 1859, when land was given to Waterford Township, and in 1950, when a piece of Monroe Township – in adjacent Gloucester County – was ceded to Winslow.

The municipal moniker “Winslow” came from the middle name of the youngest son of William Coffin – Edward Winslow Coffin. The elder Coffin first bought land in the area in 1829 due to its location – about six miles west of Hammonton – in the midst of a thick pine forest and the ready availability of clay and sand. This made it ideal for glassmaking, and the Winslow Glass Works was established in 1831. The Winslow glass operation competed with several similar plants in nearby Glassboro Borough until the turn of the 20th century, when automation ended the era brought the era of small, manual glassmaking operations.

At that point, with its population right around 11,000 residents, Winslow was mostly inhabited by farmers. This period of population entropy ended when – in 1965 – an interchange to the just-completed Atlantic City Expressway opened at Williamstown Road. This helped developers and those seeking a more suburban way of life discover the community. In just over a decade – by the late 1970s – the township’s population nearly doubled to 20,000 with many of these new residents living in homes built by Levitt & Sons, creators of such planned communities in Burlington County, NJ; Bucks County, PA; and on Long Island, NY.

One other interesting fact about Winslow Township is that it’s the home to a rare geographical feature known as a blue hole. This lake is about 70 feet in diameter, cold year-round (an average temperature of 58 degrees), and is bright blue – as opposed to most lakes and ponds in the area that are brownish due to bog iron and tannic acid.

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