Willingboro Commercial Real Estate

Willingboro Commercial Real Estate
Willingboro Native Carl Lewis

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Willingboro, NJ, is part of Burlington County and is considered a suburb of Philadelphia. There are two main highways running alongside the town, U.S. Route 130 and I-295. Route 130 in particular is a popular destination for shops, restaurants, and affordable condominium buildings. One of the larger employers in the area, Radwell International, is currently considering a move to Willingboro for the tax break opportunity.

Willingboro is a mostly blue collar town and many of the residents work in local industrial centers. As a result, convenience stores and takeout restaurants…like the infinitely popular Gaetano’s Steaks + Subs have an opportunity to thrive here. 

Willingboro Township covers 8.1 square miles to place it as the 22nd largest among the 40 Burlington County municipalities. It sits between the 9.3-square-mile Bordentown Township and the 8.0-square-mile Cinnaminson Township. In terms of residents, Willingboro is the third-most populous municipality in Burlington County with a 2010 U.S. Census population of 31,600, behind Mount Laurel Township at 41,800 residents and ahead of Pemberton Township with 27,900.

A History of Willingboro

Willingboro Township, originally known as the “Constabulary of Wellingborrow,” can trace its history back to 1688, was one of first planned communities in the nation, is the home of two world-famous athletes, and is filled with an impressive inventory of commercial real estate property.

Wellingborrow, England, was the hometown of Thomas Ollive, one of the original settlers of, and landowners in, what’s now known as Willingboro. Ollive and his fellow emigres came to the New World in the late 1600s and the area where they built their homesteads was designated as one of the first nine divisions – or “constabularies” – when the British Colony of West Jersey was created in November 1688.

Just over 100 years later, following the War for Independence and the creation of the United States, Willingborough Township was incorporated as one of the first 104 townships in the State of New Jersey. The name eventually morphed to the current “Willingboro,” and – in the middle of the 19th century – portions were taken to create Beverly City (1850) and Delanco Township (1859).

One final shift of Willingboro’s municipal borders occurred in 1956 as the Levitt & Sons Corporation was buying land and making plans for its third “Levittown” development, following the success of the corporation’s work in New York and Pennsylvania. As part of its plan to construct a massive residential development in the township, Levitt wanted to keep its entire project within one municipality, so the land surrounding and containing the historic community of Rancocas – home to the Native American Powhatan Renape tribe, part of the Lenni-Lenape nation – was ceded to neighboring Westampton Township to save it from the Levitt wrecking ball.

The first Levittown homes were sold in June 1958, at which time the surrounding community already was colloquially known as Levittown. The township’s name was officially changed, by referendum, to “Levittown Township” in November 1959. However, since the municipality was less than 12 miles – across the Delaware River – from Levittown, PA, there was significant geographical confusion. That’s why, to the surprise of few, the name was changed back to “Willingboro Township” in November 1963 by a slim margin of 3,123 to 3,003.

Two of the most well-known residents of Willingboro are Olympic champion Carl Lewis and professional wrestling icon Gorilla Monsoon. Lewis won nine Olympic gold medals and one Olympic silver medal in sprint events and the long jump and is one of only three Olympic athletes who won a gold medal in the same event in four consecutive Olympic Games. Monsoon, whose birth name is Robert James Marella, was a part of the then-World Wrestling Federation from 1963 to 1983. He also finished second in the 1959 NCAA Wrestling Championships while a student at Ithaca College in New York.

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