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Trevose Commercial Real EstateAt WCRE, we are the dedicated local experts for helping business owners with Trevose commercial real estate. We can help you with every aspect of the real estate search, including finding the ideal location for your business needs. 

Trevose, PA is a small community of approximately 3,500 population. Despite its size, it is convenient to a number of Philadelphia area locations…Trevose is very close to the intersection of the PA Turnpike and U.S. Route 1, where a number of shopping centers, hotels and restaurants can be found. Trevose is also home to several successful car dealerships in the area.

Businesses of any kind can thrive in Trevose…it’s a great place to purchase your commercial real estate property and plant your restaurant, hotel, office rental building, or retail store. The Neshaminy Mall is nearby on Route 1, and just off of Brownsville Road going through town you can see a variety of small business locations, offering everything from HVAC supplies to antiques to pest removal.

A Brief History of Trevose

The name Trevose comes from “trenfos,” the Cornish word for farm. Lawrence Growdon, a wealth pewter craftsman in St. Merryn, County Cornwell, in southwestern England, purchased about 5,000 acres of land (about eight square miles) from William Penn and gifted it to his son, Joseph. The younger Growdon traveled to America in 1683, established a “trenfos,” and built Growdon Manor, a structure that still stands today.

The original name of the estate was Pensalem – with “Pen” referring to William Penn and “salem” (meaning peace in the Ladino language spoken by Sephartic Jews). It was later anglicized to Bensalem, and lent its name to the township containing Trevose.

By the mid-1700s – following several generations of marriages, deaths, inheritances, and legal disputes, Growdon Manor ended up in the hands of Joseph Galloway, a close friend of Benjamin Franklin. There are conflicting historical reports as to where Franklin performed his famous 1752 “kite and electricity” experiment, but at least several of them claim the event took place at Growdon Manor. During this era, two future presidents – George Washington and John Adams –stayed at the manor with Galloway.

While well-connected politically, Galloway unfortunately aligned himself with the wrong – i.e. losing – side in the American War for Independence. He was a well-known Tory – or British Loyalist – and, as such, when the conflict took a turn for the worse, he signed the property to his wife, Grace Growdon Galloway, and took off for England.

There was one problem with this plan, though; women were not allowed to be landowners at that time. Ms. Galloway spent years, and quite a bit of the family fortune, to maintain ownership rights to the manor, even renouncing her husband and his Loyalist ways and embracing Patriot rule. She died in 1782, her husband in 1803 and finally, by 1848, their daughter gained title to the property – and promptly sold it.

Today, Growdon Manor is operated as a museum by the Historical Society of Bensalem Township. Also on the property is an outbuilding called “The Vault” where early deeds and records of Bucks County were stored. The main house still has bullet holes from the Revolution pockmarking its walls. Growdon Manor was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Bensalem also is home to the PARX Casino and Racetrack, which has been in operation – in one form or another – since November 1974 when it opened its doors as Keystone Racetrack. A slots parlor casino opened at the park in 2006 and a stand-alone casino structure opened in December 2009. Overall, the facility offers 250,000 square feet of gaming, entertainment and banquet space.

As of the 2010 census, Bensalem Township had a total population of 60,427, which makes it the largest municipality in Bucks County, and the ninth largest in Pennsylvania. In that same census period, there were found to be 3,550 residents in the official CDP of Trevose.

When you are in the market for Trevose commercial real estate, reach out to Wolf Commercial Real Estate. We are experienced, knowledgeable commercial real estate brokers that are familiar with the area, and we can help you find the ideal location for your warehouse, hotel, restaurant, rental property and more. WCRE is dedicated to helping you maximize your investment…contact us today to get started!

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