Tenant & Buyer Representation

WCRE owner, tenant and buyer representation: Finding a location is about more than just filling a vacancy. It’s about filling your needs.

Wolf Commercial Real Estate helps you find the property that best meets your business and financial goals, whether it’s in Southern New Jersey, the greater Philadelphia region, or New York. We start by understanding your business needs, so we can find you the best property to achieve business results. Our team provides ongoing information to help our clients achieve bottom line savings, reduce operating costs, and mitigate levels of risk.

Our Services:

  • Site identification and property tours.
  • Property comparison cost analysis.
  • Construction cost review.
  • Employee zip code analysis and commuting optimization.
  • Space plan programming.
  • Lease and purchase negotiation.
  • Preparation of RFPs and purchase orders.

Companies that leverage the support of real estate experts to cut costs or improve their locations have a real advantage in today’s economy.

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