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Are you a business owner or commercial property investor interested in investing near the Jersey Shore? Let WCRE be your guide for Somers Point commercial real estate. We are the premier commercial real estate brokers in the Philadelphia and New Jersey region, and we use our experience and knowledge of the area to find the ideal location for return on your investment.

Somers Point offers huge advantages in its location…it’s just across a bridge from the very popular resort town of Ocean City. With so many tourists and vacationers passing through or even staying here, it’s a great spot for a hotel, a restaurant, a gas and go mart, or a retail store serving beach vacationers. In addition, owning a residential property that can be rented offers another considerable profit opportunity.

A Brief History of Somers Point

John Somers, the man for whom the area would be named centuries later (1850), was born in 1623 in Worcester, England. The year 1693, when John Somers turned 70, he purchased 3,000 acres along the northern edge of Great Egg Harbor Bay in the then-British colony of West Jersey, thus establishing the oldest European community in the region.

That same year, 1693, the area was designated as Egg Harbor Township, comprising the southeastern portion of Gloucester County. Somers, as the sole landowner at the time, called certain portions of the township Somerset Plantation and Somers Plantation. A third section was named Somers Ferry in 1695 when Somers began operation of the first ferry service across the Bay to Cape May County. In addition, John’s son Richard constructed what he named Somers Mansion between the years 1720 and 1726; the structure still stands today as the county’s oldest existing home.

Interestingly, Somers Point served as an official port of entry for the United States from 1791 – while still part of Egg Harbor Township – to 1915. A port of entry facility has border security staff that verify individuals legally can enter a country by sea, land, or air. These personnel check passports and visas and inspect luggage to assure that contraband is not imported. There currently are 328 ports or entry in the United States.

Since 2010, Somers Point has been the center of the crustacean universe for one weekend in June as The Assault on Patcong Creek – called the largest crabbing tournament in the country – takes to the water. Patcong Creek, an estuary that feeds Great Egg Harbor Bay, attracts crabbing enthusiasts and their families from as far away as Texas. The year 2017 is recognized as the largest “assault” to date as more than 70 boats and over 270 crabbers from twelve different states participated. In addition, more than 1,000 people are participated in the post-tournament “crab bake” that year, watching crab races and applauding the annual presentation of the coveted Largest Crab Trophy.

More than just an event where the goal is to trap 10-legged shelled delicacies, The Assault on Patcong Creek has been raising money for environmental causes right from the start. These efforts include covering tuition costs for children to attend NJ Fish & Wildlife’s Sedge Island Summer camps, sponsoring educational trawling trips for Somers Point sixth graders and undertaking an annual Patcong Creek clean-up.

Today Somers Point is a small town of about 10,000, but there’s plenty of traffic coming through into and out of Ocean City. Take advantage of the chance to put a sign up for all of the vacationers to see…reach out to WCRE today for your Somers Point commercial real estate. We are CORFAC International real estate brokers with a strong knowledge of the region, and we can assist you in finding the ideal location for your business, and help maximize the return on your investment!

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