Medford Commercial Real Estate

Medford Commercial Real Estate

WCRE is the answer to your search for Medford commercial real estate brokers. We are the premier commercial real estate advisors in South Jersey, and we can help you find the ideal location for your commercial investment, whether you are looking to expand, relocate, or invest in Medford, NJ.

Medford is one of the more affluent communities in New Jersey, and offers commercial opportunities for restaurant owners, high end retail services, and more. Because of its wide amount of open spaces, Medford is also a potentially strong location for warehouses and industrial centers. 

Medford is located along NJ Route 70 and U.S. Route 206, somewhat away from the suburban congestion, and as such transportation in and out of the area is not difficult. It is about 20-25 minutes from the city of Philadelphia, and about an hour away from multiple resort towns on the Jersey Shore. A store or restaurant located along Route 70 could make a great stopping point in either direction.

Currently, while Medford is known for being a more affluent area, there are a surprising number of popular chains in the area that serve generally middle class income types. Starbucks, McDonald’s, GNC, 7-Eleven and Radio Shack all have outposts here, so there’s opportunities for most every type of business to thrive, including smaller retail stores.

History of Medford

Medford Township, formerly known as Upper Evesham and surprisingly named after a small New England town, was home to a thriving glass industry and to an award-winning actress, and now contains acres and acres of valuable commercial real estate.

The collection of homesteads that eventually became Medford grew from the 1670 purchase of 900 acres by Samuel Coles. Soon after the Coles’ clan settled in, members of the Braddock, Prickett, Stratton, Branin, and Wilkins families moved to the area as well, and many of their ancestors still live in the township today.

In 1820, while the area was known as the Upper Evesham section of Evesham Township, the U.S. Postal Service established an office there. It was given the name “Medford” after a successful campaign by local developer Mark Reeve who had recently visited, and liked, a town of that name just north of Boston, Mass.

The municipality of Medford Township was created in March 1847 when it was broken off from Evesham Township. Less than five years later, in February 1852, Shamong Township was formed from a piece of Medford and the same happened in March 1960 when Lumberton Township was born. The township took its final square mileage when the Borough of Medford Lakes – one of 22 “doughnut towns” in New Jersey – was carved out of the middle in May 1939.

A thriving glass industry started in the township in 1825 and was in operation for exactly a century as the township’s final window pane was melted and cooled in 1925. During its heyday, the facility sold its products under the names of Porter’s Glass, Medford Glass Works, and Star Glass and had a payroll as large as 250 workers. While the factory was torn down by the mid-1940s, about 30 workers’ homes are neatly kept and still inhabited in the township’s downtown area on Trimble and Mill streets, along with the manager’s residence at 126 South Main St. and the company store at 132 South Main St.

Another main Medford export was actress Calista Kay Flockhart, known as much for her work on Ally McBeal, Brothers & Sisters, and Supergirl as she is for her marriage to film icon Harrison (Han Solo/Indiana Jones) Ford. Flockhart – a 1983 graduate of the township’s Shawnee High School and 1988 graduate of Rutgers University – has won a Golden Glove Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award as well as three Emmy Award nominations.

In terms of population ranking, Medford is fifth (out of 40 Burlington County municipalities) in number of residents, with 23,000 – about 5,000 fewer than Pemberton Township and about 500 more than Burlington Township. The township has seen strong population growth over the past two U.S. Census periods. There were just more than 20,500 residents in 1990, a touch over 22,200 in 2000 (an increase of nearly 9 percent), and then the current 23,000 as reported in 2010 (a 4 percent jump).

When it comes to physical area, though, Medford is the eighth-largest municipality among those same 40 governmental entities in the county. At roughly 40 square-miles in area, Moorestown sits between Southampton Township (at 44.2 square miles) and Springfield Township (30 square miles).

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