Lumberton Commercial Real Estate

Lumberton Commercial Real Estate

Lumberton, NJ, with its location minutes away from Philadelphia and in the heart of South Jersey, offers multiple opportunities for business startup and relocation – including restaurants, retail stores, hospitality outlets, healthcare centers and much more. Let WCRE be your guide for Lumberton commercial real estate!

Lumberton Township, named for its early lumber industry, is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in South Jersey, with a population currently at around 12,000 residents. Its proximity to U.S. Route 206 and NJ Route 38 offers easy access to multiple stores, restaurants and other amenities in the region, and businesses of multiple types have been able to thrive over a long period of time. 

Once one of the least-populous municipalities in the area, Lumberton has seen strong growth in the number of residents over the past 20-plus years. With about 6,700 residents in the year 1990, the population grew by 56 percent by the year 2000 to 10,500, and then again by 20 percent by the year 2010 to 12,500. With its proximity to major employers in Moorestown and Mount Laurel, it’s an ideal place for a variety of businesses to set up shop!

Lumberton was formed in March 1860 from portions of neighboring Medford, Southampton, and Eastampton townships. Conversely, a part of Lumberton was excised in March 1924 to create Hainesport Township. The township received its name from the massive groves of pine trees that were felled and processed to supply wood used in early Philadelphia construction projects.

Lumberton was also home to an active stop on the Underground Railroad that was established in the years before and during the Civil War. One house, still standing on Creek Road in the township, contains a false well in the back that was used as a slide and hostelry to hide former slaves who were on there way to Canada before President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862.

In terms of population ranking in Burlington County, Lumberton is 11th (out of 40 Burlington County municipalities) in number of residents. Its 12,500 residents are about 3,000 fewer than Cinnaminson Township and roughly 400 more than Florence Township. When it comes to physical area, though, Lumberton is the 19th-largest municipality among those same 40 entities. At roughly 13 square-miles, it sits between Burlington Township (at 14 square miles) and Westampton Township (11 square miles).

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