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Linwood, NJ is located along the state’s famous shoreline, very close to the extremely popular destination of Ocean City. Its location along U.S. Route 9 and close to the Garden State Parkway makes it ideal for hotels, restaurants, gas and go stations, retail stores and other “along the way” businesses. In addition, residential property owners can rent out their homes here for a considerable profit, making Linwood a worthwhile residential investment as well.

A Brief History of Linwood

Linwood originally was incorporated as a borough in February 1889 from portions of Egg Harbor Township and underwent a change of municipal format in April 1931 when it became a city. While still a part of Egg Harbor Township, the locale was known as Leedsville. The current home of the Linwood Historical Society (16 Poplar Avenue) was built in 1873 as the community’s one-room schoolhouse. It served in that capacity for 21 years until it was divided into two classrooms, one for primary students and one for those in upper classes. By 1909, the student population had outgrown Leedsville School; a new structure was built; and the building served as the Linwood municipal building until 1965.

The name of Leedsville disappeared from the maps in 1880 when the U.S. Postal Service wanted to establish a post office in the then-unincorporated community. The U.S.P.S. demanded a name change so there would not be conflict with an existing New Jersey post office in Monmouth County. Among the names under consideration, along with “Linwood,” were “Brinola,” “Geneva,” “Pearville,” and “Viola.”

Orchids can be found in large amounts in Linwood, mainly at Brighton Farms (corner of Poplar Avenue and Shore Road). Orchids, or Orchidaceae, come in more than 28,000 different species. There are – on Earth – roughly the same number of orchid species as there are fish species, twice as many types of orchids as bird species, and four times as many orchids as mammal species. Orchids encompass more than 10 percent of all seed plants. The next time you are enjoying vanilla ice cream, you are eating a dessert made from the seeds the orchid Vanillin Planifolia.

Among some of the more well-known individuals connected with Linwood are James Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International and chief executive officer of Seminole Gaming; former NFL linebacker Greg Buttle, who played for the New York Jets; current NBA power forward Dennis Horner, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets; and Paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara, Ph.D., Dean of the Rowan University School of the Earth & Environment and discoverer of the largest dinosaur ever unearthed, Dreadnoughtus schrani.

Today Linwood is a bustling town of approximately 7,000, but its passing through location on the way to Jersey Shore resort towns makes it a perfect spot for your small business.

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