Egg Harbor Township Commercial Real Estate

Egg Harbor Township Commercial Real Estate

If you are a business owner or investor looking to make the move to the Atlantic County region of New Jersey, reach out to WCRE – we can be there every step of the way to find your ideal investment for Egg Harbor Township commercial real estate.

Egg Harbor Township, an Atlantic County municipality named by the man for whom nearby Cape May County was named, is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state and home to some of the most sought-after commercial real estate in the region. Its ideal location in the path towards Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore make it a popular place to live, but also a great place to set up shop as a local business for residents and vacationers passing through. 

Egg Harbor Township is the most populous municipality in Atlantic County with 43,323 residents according to the 2010 Census. This is up 41 percent from the 2000 Census, when there were 30,726 residents. This however, was not the start of the township’s population spurt; there were 24,544 residents reported in the 1990 Census, meaning there was a 25 percent growth rate between that year and the dawn of the new century. 

Egg Harbor Township is located conveniently near the Atlantic City Expressway, and U.S. Route 322 and 40…stores, restaurants, and gas and go locations along the routes have a great opportunity to thrive along major routes that see hundreds of drivers pass through each day. But in a town with a population of 43,000+ residents, the locals have needs too, and it’s a great opportunity for store owners, healthcare providers, legal services, warehouses and so much more to find a location that offers a great return. It all makes Egg Harbor Township commercial real estate a worthwhile investment when done right!

A Brief History of Egg Harbor Township

The first appearance of Egg Harbor Township in official records occurred in the early 17th century when Dutch explorer Cornelius Jacobsen Mey sailed into the inlet of what he would call the Great Egg Harbor River. According to legend, Mey disembarked from his ship, the Fortuyn, in 1614 and later wrote that he couldn’t walk anywhere without stepping on eggs left by the proliferation of shorebirds and waterfowl living along the shore. The description he gave the area in his native language – Eieren Haven – translates to Egg Harbor in English.

Mey was one of several Dutch explorers sailing along the Atlantic Ocean coast in what now is the area between Long Island, New York; the Hudson River; the New Jersey shore; the Delaware River and Bay; and the beaches of Delaware. In Mey’s time, the Hudson River was known as the North River and the Delaware River called the South River as they marked the general geographic border of then was New Netherland. Both the City of Cape May and Cape May County, which once bordered Egg Harbor Township, are named for Cornelius Mey.

Initially a part of Gloucester County, Egg Harbor Township once covered the entire area of what currently is Atlantic County. It was, over the last several centuries, divided, subdivided, and divided into 22 other municipalities. The first of these was Galloway Township, excised in 1710, and the most recent was Northfield City, sliced off in 1905.

Egg Harbor Township is not to be confused with Egg Harbor City, an 11.4-square-mile municipality also in Atlantic County with a mere 4,243 residents. Egg Harbor City does not, interestingly, border Egg Harbor Township. Among the most interesting residents of Egg Harbor City was U.S. Civil War Capt. Charles Saalmann, whose official title was Acting Commissary of Subsistence; his job was to procure wine for Gen. William T. Sherman and his troops during their 1864 March to the Sea.

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