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Deptford Commercial Real EstateDeptford commercial real estate is among the most valued locations for investors in Gloucester County, New Jersey. The area is a popular place to live, with easy access to the Deptford Mall complex and its shopping and dining, as well as easy access to several major highways, the city of Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore. 

When Deptford was founded in 1623, it was known as Bethlehem, and was under Dutch, Swedish, and Finnish rule until it fell under the aegis of the British Empire as part of the Colony of West Jersey. Deptford took its name from a town on the Thames River southeast of London. The word Deptford is an oxymoronic combination of the words “deep” and “ford,” with a ford being known as a river’s shallow crossing point.

In 1793, it was the site of the first hot air balloon landing in North America when Jean-Pierre Blanchard completed a flight from Philadelphia in 1793. Blanchard took off from the prison yard of the Walnut Street Jail and traveled 15 miles southeast propelled by a breeze before landing in a clearing about 46 minutes later.

Another first for Deptford was part of that journey: Blanchard carried a personal letter from George Washington – who was in Philadelphia to attend the launch. That letter was to be delivered to the owner of whatever property Blanchard happened to land on, making the flight the first delivery of air mail in the United States. Future presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe also were at the event.

Deptford Township covers 17.3 square miles, making it the eighth largest among the 24 Gloucester County municipalities. It sits between the 19.1-square-mile Harrison Township and the 15.8-square-mile Mantua Township.

At the time of its incorporation as one of New Jersey’s original 104 townships, it was one of the largest municipalities in Gloucester County. Over the years, in a practice that became quite common among many of those initial government entities, pieces of the township were broken off to create such neighbors as Washington Township, Woodbury City, West Deptford Township, Wenonah Borough, Westville Borough, and Woodbury Heights Borough.

In terms of residents, it is the third most populous municipality in Burlington County with a 2010 U.S. Census population of 30,500, roughly 5,500 fewer than the second-place Monroe Township, with 36,100, and about 9,000 more than fourth place West Deptford Township. Washington Township claims the most residents in Gloucester County with 48,500.

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