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Brigantine Commercial Real EstateWCRE is your guide to finding the best in Brigantine commercial real estate. Whatever your business or investment plans, we can help you find the ideal location in the region that you can afford, and help you get started on your investment future in Brigantine, one of the Jersey Shore’s fabulous beach towns.

Brigantine, NJ is a beach resort town located just north of Atlantic City; its prime location makes it ideal for residential property owners, as well as restaurants, resort hotels, stores directed at tourists, parking garages and more. Being close to one of the prime casino and entertainment hubs of the East Coast, it’s a place where residents who work in Atlantic City call home.

Brigantine currently is the ninth-most populous municipality in Atlantic County with 9,500 residents according to the 2010 Census. As far as land area goes, Brigantine is the 11th-largest municipality in the county with 10.4 square miles.

A Brief History of Brigantine

In its 128 years of existence, the current City of Brigantine has gone through numerous name changes as well as several shifts in its form of government. In addition, the size of the Atlantic County-based municipality has grown over the years; a factor that only enhances its many tracts of commercial real estate.

In June 1890, residents of the island that sits on the eastern edge of what was, at the time, Galloway Township, approved a referendum to break away from that municipality and form its own governmental entity. That resulted in the creation of Brigantine Beach Borough later that same month. Just seven years later – in April 1897 – the borough was reincorporated as Brigantine City and that moniker lasted until April 1914 when the area became known as East Atlantic City. The current name and form of government were enacted in March 1924 when – along with the annexation of some additional land from Galloway Township – the shift was made back to Brigantine City.

The city’s name of Brigantine has a nautical origin as well as the municipality is named after the numerous shipwrecks off its coast. Many of these vessels were brigantines, a ship with two masts where only the forward mast is square-rigged, or perpendicular to the length of the craft. Despite the dangerous shoals sitting just offshore, Brigantine was a major shipbuilding center and was known for its salt production, distilled from seawater.

Related to its shipbuilding past, Brigantine also was known for its whaling efforts, with captains using the beach to launch their attacks on whales migrating north to New England. In an ironic twist, the city now is home to the non-profit Marine Mammal Stranding Center. Established in 1978, the Center assists sick and injured whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles and has, since opening, rescued more than 3,500 sea creatures. More than 90 percent of those treated by the Center make a full recovery and are returned to the wild. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center also operates a Sea Life Museum with hands-on exhibits and offers marine ecology-based educational programs and college internships.

We’d be happy to tell you more about Brigantine, its history, and what it has to offer for commercial real estate investors. When you are in the market for Brigantine commercial real estate, contact WCRE…we are a full-service CORFAC International brokerage and advisory firm. Our staff of agents live in the South Jersey area, and we’re well familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of multiple locations throughout the area. Put our expertise and experience to work for you…reach out to us today!

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