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Cost Segregation Misconceptions Prevent Tax Savings

Cost Segregation Misconceptions

Property owners misconceptions about cost segregation are leaving money on the table. In 2001, an IRS ruling allowing taxpayers to “catch up” on prior years’ depreciation deductions was a significant upgrade to the benefit of cost segregation studies. Yet, as we approach midyear 2018, it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 commercial real estate owners […]

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Sale and Leaseback of Commercial Real Estate

Sale and Leaseback of Commercial Real Estate

Confer with the professionals at WCRE or ask us for a seasoned real estate or tax attorney but here’s one technique Abo has seen work well with business clients. Although real estate is generally thought of as an illiquid asset, some liquidity can be achieved by taking out a loan backed by the property. Alternatively, […]

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Understanding New Jersey Liquor Licenses

New Jersey Liquor Licenses

Let’s examine the changing landscape of New Jersey liquor licenses. There is no denying the restaurant industry and retail sectors of commercial real estate are undergoing major shifts brought on by changing consumer shopping patterns and tastes. With the rise of e-commerce, the need to visit physical locations has diminished and retailers increasingly need to […]

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Tips to Improve Comfort and Ergonomics at Work

Comfort and Ergonomics at Work

Let’s look at tips to improve comfort and ergonomics at work. Sitting at a computer for the majority of your workday can negatively affect your health if your workstation isn’t properly adjusted. Follow these suggestions to make your workstation work for you. Download Printable PDF >>> Ergonomics at Work – ADJUSTING YOUR CHAIR • Adjust […]

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Rigging Services – Remove the Compressor from Your Roof When You Move

rigging services

How Do You Move The Compressor Off Your Roof When You Relocate Your Office? You Need Rigging Services. Here’s a little-known secret that movers won’t tell you: rigging services are critical to many moves, and not many companies are certified to do it. So what is rigging, and why would you need it? Here’s a quick […]

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Are Your Rooftop Solar Panels Protected from Ground Fault

Solar Panels Protected from Ground Fault

Solar powers largest growth period in New Jersey was in 2011 and 2012 with many roof top installations being installed. These installations were constructed prior to the adoption of the most recent code (National Electric Code NEC 2014) and most likely were not designed with the newly required arc/ground fault specifications. Download Printable PDF Article […]

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The Emergence of Generation Z in the Workplace

Generation Z

The rise of Generation Z, the typical workplace is bound to undergo a drastic evolution. According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z amounts to about 35% of the workforce, which means that this group is possibly the largest group present in the US workforce. Download Printable PDF >>> Although this generation of upcoming, respectable […]

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Why Business Owners Should Own Real Estate Personally

own real estate personally

Let’s explore why business owners should own real estate personally rather than in a separate corporation. A frequent mistake made by small business owners is to have the operating corporation own the real estate, or to have a separate C corporation own the property and lease it to the business. The reason is that when the […]

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Investing in Parking Lot Maintenance

parking lot maintenance

Brand new parking lots last up to 15 years with regular parking lot maintenance. How can you maintain your parking lot? Crack Sealing and Seal Coating are essential applications for long term pavement protection. Crack Seal is a rubberized material that is applied directly into the cracks. This application prevents moisture and water from seeping […]

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Philadelphia’s Proposed One Percent Tax on New Construction

One Percent Tax on New Construction

Is Philadelphia’s proposed one percent tax on new construction a good compromise or a fools bargain? The Philadelphia City Council announced new legislation on April 11, 2018, that includes a new one percent tax on new construction that would raise revenue for the Housing Trust Fund, the city’s dedicated source for developing new affordable housing, preserving existing […]

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The Impact of Energy Efficient Building Upgrades on NOI and Asset Value

Efficient Building Upgrades

Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) or efficient building upgrades which include LED Lighting, Plumbing and Mechanical and HVAC upgrades, are proven to reduce energy and operating costs. Mechanical and HVAC upgrades could include Building Management Systems, Variable Frequency Drives on fans, pumps and motors, Free Cooling, installation of Condensing Boilers and Demand Based Domestic Water Boosters […]

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Is the AIA Contract Set In Stone?

AIA Contract

If you’re in the business of commercial real estate, you are bound to have come across the sometimes dreaded American Institute of Architects (AIA contract), the most commonly used contract for construction projects in the United States. We say that its sometimes dreaded because the form is lengthy and somewhat dense. There is also a […]

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